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  1. Linden costs real money though.
  2. Thanks, I would like to get some new skin eventually. I'll think about it once I get my paycheck.
  3. Yes, the one LittleMe Jewell mentioned.
  4. Thanks, is it really gonna work though..?
  5. I'm just using the normal body that I began with. Although I would eventually like to try another.
  6. So do you maybe have a link to any?
  7. Are there any, maybe? I mean I'm not trying to be all cheap here. I just don't have any more money right now and have to wait until next month until I'm able to get any.
  8. Hey, so I'm sort of still new to Second Life. I just deleted that old account I had and made this one. I guess it'll have to be inactive for at least two more months for the deactivation notice I just sent in to actually take real effect? I mean the first time I joined I had someone I knew in person to help me and then they ended up just doing everything for me, totally took over my account, and all, so then I never really learned anything. Well I know how to download all of the equipment for the virtual world and all. Yes, I already have it on my laptop. I just need to learn more about how to
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