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  1. What a petty thing to leave a questionnaire over, especially when it asks what gender you identify as not even just what is your gender
  2. Those are good ideas but those aren’t what the survey questions are asking. They could go to any of those sims and wander around but that won’t get them the information they’re looking for in terms of usage habits.
  3. I just want to let you know it’s mildly confusing to have the former users section and the current users section both have the same questions be required answers even though one of those sections is not applicable
  4. Had an issue with about 4 days ago across all viewers and multiple accounts. Randomly decided it wanted to start working again yesterday evening even tho I did nothing to fix it. Not sure what caused it but no one responded to my ticket so I guess I won’t know why
  5. So I went onto Firestorm to check because I don't usually use firestorm and... voice was just working again? So I logged into Black Dragon and it is also working there again... I don't know why it all of a sudden decided it would be working again after 3 days but it seems to be good again. Thank you for your assistance, regardless haha
  6. As I stated in the original post, yes. Voice is checked enabled. My headset works fine as I tested it on multiple different applications. The issue persists in multiple viewers. I’ve sent in a ticket regardless as it is affecting my account on not just my main computer but also a secondary device I tried. Even multiple different internet/network connections.
  7. The toolbar button icon that can be clicked to show you have voice turned on is greyed out.
  8. Hey all. I'm currently using Black Dragon and my voice just randomly stopped working in the middle of a session. Full icon greyed out, nothing. I've made sure I have voice enabled, slvoice.exe is not blocked by a firewall, viewer is fully updated to the newest version, and the headset works (I tested on a different application). I even went into Firestorm and voice will not work for me there either. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Easiest way to get into build mode is right click an open space and select 'build.' Or alternatively ctrl+4. Edit mode is ctrl+3.
  10. This entire issue was already answered in the previous thread you made. The answer is the exact same. I don't understand the need for a whole extra thread on this.
  11. Probably best to ask this in the Destinations Forums, not the General Forums.
  12. Boredom in RL mostly, and something to do that wasn't studying all day every day.
  13. I mean, it’s not the only body that does that.
  14. Look in your inventory. At the top, look under the recents tab. Should be there.
  15. It'll be sent to you like the other notices with the option to Accept the item into your inventory.
  16. If you select the body from the list of purchases (even if its showing the original body version you bought), itll send the most recent version.
  17. The hands thing will stop if you are wearing the currently newest version. You'll receive a notice again once the next update comes out again though.
  18. It's an update. Accept it and wear the new one and you'll stop getting the messages.
  19. Interesting. I've never not had one returned to my Lost and Found eventually.
  20. If it was a non copy item, it'll eventually appear in your Lost and Found folder.
  21. Make sure you're trying to rez the object and not the folder.
  22. Rez it on the ground and and then move it into position. You can't rez on top of mesh items. You'll always get that error.
  23. What's wrong with them giving me something extra to do? Something that you wouldn't need to participate in if you don't feel the need to.
  24. Today I learnt working towards a collection of internet pixels is considered part of a Kindergarten World.
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