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  1. I know people that have deleted their accounts, it takes time but when they are gone you can't find them in search, if you find them they have not deleted their account.
  2. You ladies have a great point, I have met men in SL that are in their late 20s that are mature, and one man in his 60s that is a total jerk, Ah for the days when a man treated a lady with respect. Speaking of RL too, would open the car door, give tender hugs. Just a romantic at heart I know. My music taste is all over the place, but I love soft romantic songs, like I Will Always Love You,,,,,,, sung by the late Whitney Houston. My favorite singer alive is Celine Dion. To all have a wonderful SL ?
  3. Well to each his or her own, I find boys of the age you prefer your women to be , not able to converse with me, they are quite silly , not into conversations I wish to engage in I am by no means an old woman, I am quite young at heart, but again we each have to find what pleases us . Really age to me is not important its the maturity of a person. Can they relate to what I am thinking? Most men I find in SL are there for mere pixel sex, that is not what I am there for. My appearance is not that of a mature lady as I love to keep myself looking nice. Enjoy SL the way
  4. You think less of me by my words, and I was somewhat offended by your video. So, lets leave it at that . Have a great Sl in however you wish it to be.
  5. sorry you think my words bring up such a video . I tried to be myself , guess you are not use to respectful women in SL
  6. hello , I am still looking , just logged off but may log in later tonight, after 10 pm my time ( SL time plus 3) , send an IM when in world and I will reply so we can meet up. Looking forward to meeting you one never knows till one meets. Till then have a great evening or day as I don't know your time zone. Wide smile ? Haley
  7. Hello everyone, I am looking for a mature male for a possible relationship if we have that chemistry of course I am in SL a single lady ( I use that word lady to describe myself) Now, I meet many people but so far none have been my type, and most are too young. I am not a child ,am a mature woman with respect for self and others. I am 40 btw My avi is all mesh,. bento head, AO, so wish to meet someone that cares enough about himself to have a nice look. Having said all that I realize its not how one looks as much as who they are, and how they treat others that is most
  8. Thank you , looking forward to meeting new friends , I meant no verbal abusive language ,,
  9. Hello am rather new to SL and seeking nice respectful friends to go places with , please no crude people reply I have worked hard on my look, with a mesh body and bento head, now I wish to just enjoy SL , with a few nice friends ,, just say hi if interested ty
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