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  1. Acacia Grand Hotel We are a 10-story hotel offering a luxurious stay for both adult and family guests at an affordable price in the beautiful city of Acacia Falls, situated in the Kensington Center theater district at the corner of Main Street and Kensington Drive. The hotel features 12 standard rooms, 6 family-oriented double rooms, 4 junior suites, 2 luxury suites and 1 presidential suite, along with all the amenities needed for a resort vacation or business stay. Please understand this is Role Playing Position. However there are benefits. http://maps.second
  2. Acica Falls Grand Hotel is searching for a Hotel Manager. Please contact Nyoko81 in world to obtain a Job Description.
  3. I love your sim. It reminds me very much of suburbs of Tokyo. ❤️
  4. Acacia Falls is exceptional, and there are many families there that participate in active rp.
  5. Hehe. I said the same thing Rahul An Army Base in AF would be super cool.
  6. I've seen that a lot on SL myself. RP Quality is all over the place, but I know that quality starts some place, so my group / company is modern rp, and we always providing an immersive expedience with anyone we interact with on our RP sim.
  7. Acacia Falls is amazing. I Highly recommend it!!
  8. Hello, I'm reaching out into the community for anyone who's worked with the Onyett-Pro24 Moving Light System. Currently there instruction guide has fallen off the internet and I'm down too trial and error or searching for a new light system. The owners of the content license no longer appear to be active and all attempts to contact them have led to silence. I'm hopping that someone who has experience with this content has copy of the guide, or working experience with it. If you do, I would greatly appreciate that you reach out to me. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Onyett-Pro24
  9. Bay City looks absolutely amazing. I have to visit one day soon.
  10. Are you still looking for models?
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