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  1. Thanks, Janetosilio. I did an area search and returned it to myself. Whew.
  2. Hi, stupid question. I dropped an object to open on my land. It's underneath grass so when I right click just the grass is selected. Please remind me how I can select an object on my land that's visible but underneath another object. Thanks. E
  3. Hi, I've done all these steps. Both my friend and I have relogged. And she's still getting the "Can't rez object at because the owner of this land does not allow it. Use the land tool to see land ownership." What could I be doing wrong?
  4. Hi, all. Next noob question. I bought the Dirt Grass Pathway from Tsunami Creations. When the light on my parcel changes the pathway's light doesn't change with it. Which creates an effect whereby at night the pathway appears to glow, because it's still in daylight. Is there any way to change this? See the image below:
  5. Can you recommend stores with prefab mesh stairs? I can't seem to find any.
  6. Hi. I've put a home on a hill, and I'd like to put a staircase and pathway leading up to it. Are there prefab stairs I might buy somewhere? Or should I build it myself? I'm brand new to building...
  7. Ok. I used concrete from the inventory, and that's a fair solution for now. Can you all recommend stores where I can buy textures?
  8. Thanks for responding. The prefab home is a Trompe Loeil, and according to the notecard that came with it: "All parts of the build except for scripts and animations should be both modify and copy. " So I was hoping that means I can copy one of the textures and paste it onto a prim that I've created that's functioning as a kind of foundation for a place where I can't terraform the sloping land anymore to raise it to meet the home's base. See the attached photo. I would like to take the texture from the home's prefab foundation (the strip of stone wall along the base) and add it to the prim that at the moment looks like natural wood. Is that not possible?
  9. I'm a noob when it comes to building and dealing with textures. Can someone recommend a good video tutorial? I see several online. Just want to watch the one that's most current In a nutshell: I put a prefab home on a hill. And I then put a block shape under the home, and I'd like to copy one of the textures of the home and add it to the block under the home. Thanks.
  10. I'm purchasing a prefab mesh home, likely from Trompe Loeil. When looking at the available models in the store, how can I tell the dimensions?
  11. Thanks. I'll do this. And what's the simplest way to abandon my home?
  12. Hi. I'm abandoning my Linden Home to buy a parcel of land. What's the proper way to: 1) gather up my stuff and 2) officially abandon the home? In Firestorm, in the About Land window, under the Objects tab, I see a "return" button. Is that what I click to get back all of my stuff?
  13. When you say "shape" may as well be deleted you mean the system shape, correct? Not, for instance, the five standard shapes that come with my Maitreya Lara body. And as I'm playing with wearing different system shapes, I'm noticing that my face has also changed. So I can change basic system shapes, and I think I've found the right one. But my face still looks different and the system shapes aren't affecting it. (FYI, I have a Lelutka Cate head.) EDIT: I figured it out. My Lelutka Cate head has a default basic systems shape, and that's the one I've been using. Thanks for your help everyone.
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