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  1. Oooh saw this one already! It's really cute and I really like it although I'm apprehensive about buying the dress cause it has different sizes and I don't know if I'm XS, S, M, L. Tried going to the inworld store to maybe demo it but the store's gone. What do you think?
  2. Hey everyone! I'm currently on the hunt for cutesy witch clothes. (Preferably in pink!) Picture Reference: Pointy hat is a must! If y'all know of any cute wands, staffs, brooms as well please recommend some! I also don't mind gacha stuff. Thank you for your help! ❤
  3. I bought this moon thing thinking it was the kind that you could wear and you'd appear to be sitting on it. It's actually just furniture so it's really awkward when you add it to your avi. Can I possibly do something so I can wear it sitting on it? Also, can I remove its floor shadow? How so? Thanks in advance!
  4. I've been in SL for about a month and I've been using Firestorm ever since a friend told me to switch to it during my first week in SL. I appreciate all the conveniency Firestorm has to offer but I noticed that the LL Viewer runs smoother on my mac. I'd like to know what you guys think. Thank you!
  5. I'm trying to join a Greek rp at the moment but I'm still looking for clothes to wear for my role. Here's the look I'm trying to go for. (I have a Maitreya Lara body) Thanks in advance!
  6. Why aren't we friends??! We have to be friends LIKE RIGHT NOW.
  7. Yes, I know that Windlight doesn't make others see me a different way. I've just been told that looking at your avi at those two windlights could help me see what I wanna see better. It may just be me but I actually see a subtle seam somewhere in there. This is me on Ultra.
  8. @Stephanie Misfit @Fionalein I've also been told to get a body blusher so that I could somehow drown the body's yellow undertone? Could that work?
  9. I'm not sure if I have a shiny option on, could you tell me how to access that? Is the tinting panel the one with the different skin tones? I have a Maitreya body and a Catwa head. There is a neck seam when I put my windlight settings on the Default. Although, I think any windlight that isn't mesh-friendly does that? I've used CalWl and *Canimod (I'm on the Firestorm Viewer) to look at my avi as I've heard those are pretty good ones to spot some things. I just have Basic shaders and Atmospheric shaders on with regards to my graphic settings.
  10. I recently got a skin from MUDSKIN and I really like it, although I've faced a problem. (999 L$, 300L$ Body Applier) I got the SHE : RUDA skin in the 104 shade. Together with it, I got the 104 body applier. (Body appliers have no demos) As soon as I put the body applier on, I noticed that there was something different about it's undertone from the face's skin. The body has a yellowish tinge while the face has a pinkish one. I'm not sure if this is a technical issue on my end so I'm looking into doing something about it. It may also be the skin itself. (Am I the only one seeing how the undertones are different??) Either way I sent a notecard to the creator letting her know about this. I'd like to know what you guys think. Maybe I could do something about it? Thank you!
  11. Hey everyone! I'm currently looking for an AO that allows aerial movement on all aspects (standing, turning, walking, etc.). It's important that the flying looks natural and graceful, nothing stiff. Your suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!
  12. Oh my goshh these are perfect! Thanks for sharing your suggestions, you were on my last post as well and I ended up buying a kimono from Naminoke. Everything you show me I'm just bound to buy. LOL AND ALSO, If I'm correct these are the body appliers for the MUDSKIN skins right?
  13. Hey guys! It's me Aumi. I'm always on this forum asking you guys to aid me in choosing my next purchase. Thank you so much! Right now, just can't decide which head & skin to buy to capture this look: (She's supposed to be Diao Chan. My most favourite person from Chinese mythology.. but this is just a random artwork of her that I think is super pretty.) Okay, so I know that any head will do cause that's why sliders are there.. BUT I just wanted to know what y'all guys think and maybe suggest a head (also a skin!!) that could optimally pull this off! Xièxiè! ❤
  14. I'm getting a bit paranoid that I might be hacked or something. I use Firestorm viewer and I tried logging in on the normal viewer but that didn't help. I tried accessing my account through the site but I only end up with a screen that says "Failed". Luckily, I'm able to login here on the forum. Does anyone know what I can do or who I can contact to help me with my issue. Thank you!
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions! I got the Aii Summer Night Shawl and I love it. I also went to Naminoke to check on the deco obi. I'm planning on combining that with a kimono I saw in Naminoke as well. I'm not sure if it has a demo, I can't find one so I've decided not to buy it yet. Do you know if this item has a demo? Thank you ❤
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