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  1. What are the requirements/guidelines for DJ's? I only play EDM, for instance, and some clubs want many genres played in one set.
  2. Sure! Stop by and pick up an application! There's a sign next to the left side of the stairs when ya first drop in.
  3. Is it okay if I DJ K-Indie? I can DJ earlier before a main DJ/peak times as more a warm-up DJ/chill listening type thing.
  4. Bump for wholesome strip club awareness. ALSO WE ARE STILL HIRING DJS.
  5. Also wanna add that we're now hiring DJs! No gender restrictions for that position! We just ask that you occasionally interact with the audience through mic, and any genre but country is fine.
  6. Not a dumb question! I should have specified in the OP, but we're looking for female dancers only. Thanks for asking though!
  7. Lust Strip Club, one of the premier strip clubs in Second Life, is hiring dancers & escorts! We have regular foot traffic of over 18k daily, regular DJs, and a luxurious space where you can strut your stuff and earn some extra L$ while enjoying a fun and welcoming environment. At Lust, every staff member is family- from the dancers, escorts, and DJs, to the managers and the owners themselves. We are currently looking for staff with mesh avatars and availability to put in a minimum of four hours per week. We're hiring for all timezones so don't be shy! If you seem like a good fit, drop by http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual Twilight/214/41/21 and click on the sign for an application to apply. You'll hear from us within two days and be schedulled for an interview if your application is accepted. Good luck and happy dancing!
  8. You're welcome. Looking forward to more of your photos. 😄
  9. Wow Zeta! I envy your eye and your editing! Do you have a Flickr?
  10. Happy Valentine's Day! Still new to SL photographing but this one is my fav so far.
  11. Oh, well you answered my question then with a good point. I have a laptop I normally have Serato and my system hooked up to, so I'll just use that and a HDMI out to one of my monitors if needed. It'll be awkward cueing tracks from my laptop to the far right, but I'll either move things around to be more ergonomic, or just get used to looking at three screens. I haven't even started messing with stream settings yet. I just now installed Serato on my desktop and moved my gear around on my desk to be in front of my main computer instead. I guess that brings me to my next question: What do people use to stream to SL? I searched the forums but there didn't seem to be specific instructions, although I did see a few mentions of streaming softwares that I'll try a bit later. From what I can tell, I just tell the stream software to use the Denon multi-channel input and have it connect to whatever stream I'm using.
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