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  1. You're welcome. Looking forward to more of your photos. 😄
  2. Wow Zeta! I envy your eye and your editing! Do you have a Flickr?
  3. Happy Valentine's Day! Still new to SL photographing but this one is my fav so far.
  4. Oh, well you answered my question then with a good point. I have a laptop I normally have Serato and my system hooked up to, so I'll just use that and a HDMI out to one of my monitors if needed. It'll be awkward cueing tracks from my laptop to the far right, but I'll either move things around to be more ergonomic, or just get used to looking at three screens. I haven't even started messing with stream settings yet. I just now installed Serato on my desktop and moved my gear around on my desk to be in front of my main computer instead. I guess that brings me to my next question: What do people use to stream to SL? I searched the forums but there didn't seem to be specific instructions, although I did see a few mentions of streaming softwares that I'll try a bit later. From what I can tell, I just tell the stream software to use the Denon multi-channel input and have it connect to whatever stream I'm using.
  5. Hello! I've installed Serato so I could hook up my DJ equipment to my desktop, and by itself, it works great. However, whenever I open SL with Serato going, Serato just stops playing music and instead makes a clicking noise, and refuses to play. The programme itself is responsive- I can click on things and open menus, etc. I've searched the forums and no one else seems to have this problem. Ultimately I wanted to DJ and be logged in on SL on the same machine, but I'm not sure what's going on. I switched SL to use my normal audio interface I use and not the Denon DJ drivers, and it's still giving me problems. Any clue as to what's going on?
  6. Firstly, thank you for your replies. I didn't actually have high expectations going into this, but I figured I'd test the waters, and I still intend to. @Orwar Yes, I have read that modelling schools are a ripoff, though I suppose I should have mentioned that in my original post. I'm also aware that I'd more than likely need a portfolio to start and that will take paid shots, which is why I asked for pricing requirements in my original post. Free clothing is more a secondary, possibly tertiary benefit for me, as I have a moderately well-paying job IRL and can buy my own clothing if need be. I am going for the more mass-media route and events, though. Making connections and being 'busy' in the game is how I'd like to spend my SL time. I'm not new to social media grinding, so those activities are more or less unsurprising. If it boils down to it, I can just take my own photos and edit them, as I have a high-end computer and mild experience in Photoshop and Lightroom (photography is a light RL hobby). As for your critique on my avatar, thank you. I'll take it into consideration. He's my first avatar so I wasn't expecting any miracles to happen with him. I'm sure as I learn more about the trends of SL and what's considered tacky, and what's considered fashionable, he'll be tweaked. In regards to the last problem you mentioned, I don't think that really has anything to do with me since I'm not aiming to be a designer or innovator in the industry. I will say though, that IRL, men's fashion hasn't changed much in the past 50 some odd years. I can still wear the same Gucci suit I bought five years ago once every two weeks and it'll still be relevant in the office- not to mention that men's clothing is pretty uniform, unlike women's clothing. @Chic Aeon Thanks for the input. I guess I am catching SL and its fashion industry microcosm on a steep decline, so I'll see how it turns out for me. If it all goes bust, I'm sure I can find other ways to amuse myself here, as I have a myriad of other hobbies at my disposal.
  7. Hello! I started SL about a week ago and decided I'd like to model here for fun. I don't need to be paid, although it would be a pleasant surprise. After doing a few forum searches for info and to get my bearings on expectations, I'd first like to have a few sample shots of me to start off my portfolio, and some custom poses/animations made for me as well. Please PM me or reply here with your pricing requirements. Also if anyone would like to hire me for work, that would be greatly appreciated. I believe my avatar is best suited to conservative fashion, but I can be flexible.
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