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  1. haha, @Orwar, ok, lets quit the explanation about the old country thing...this is going way off topic (yes, i started it, i know😉), but thanks for explaining it to me.😃 BTW, i changed it back to europe.


    47 minutes ago, Fionalein said:

    Actually when I encounter a fellow German I am more likely to run from them...

    Same, not always, but often!

  2. 1 hour ago, Orwar said:

       Europe is a continent, not a country.


    it is?....joking ofcourse, i knew that! but thanks for pointing that out to me..

    1 hour ago, Orwar said:

    The term 'the old country' refers to any country from which someone has moved to live abroad of. For Jews that fled from Germany and Poland to Sweden during the war, either of those can be 'the old country'. Likewise Hungarians who fled during the Hungarian revolt of 1956, Hungary is 'the old country'. To people fleeing the Yugoslav Wars in the 90's, any of the West-Balkan nations can be 'the old country', or the case may be that 'the old country' (of Yugoslavia) has ceased to exist. The term 'the old world' refers to those continents that were known of up until the renaissance, i.e. Europe, Asia and Africa, which made up the entirety of older 'world maps' - laterally that's an area spanning across 11 standard time zones; Europe alone spans 4.

    Now THAT i didn't know.... i just knew that it was called that, not into detail though...i guess i made a mistake there😁

  3. 19 hours ago, ViscousSummer88 said:

    seems europe is a dying bread around here?

    Not exactly, It does seem that EU folks are more scattered over SL, which makes us, as inhabitants of Europe play more detective on the grid to find others from the same part of the world.

  4. Can anyone recommend a store where they actually sell decent jeans or slacks that are a really good quality? so far i've only been able to find 1 pair of jeans that fits somewhat decent. All of the other pants i bought got me into having too thin legs, or they just have weird creases and folds that make my legs look like shrivelled paper.

    i've tried adjusting my shape many times, but it seems most of the pants are just designed that way. even when they're made for my body (Signature Gianni)

  5. Hey!, my online times are a bit erratic, but i've been around for some time, (with a break last year) but haven't lost a thing of my capabilities in SL, except friends, i added some already, but love to have a bit more.

    you can drop me an IM, or just add me if you wish (Niko7513 a.k.a. Warren finch) i'm on EU time  GMT +1. I'm mostly on at weekends or through the week whenever i have time.

    some of my interests:

    • exploring
    • decorating
    • Photography
    • customized avatar shapes
    • hangout with friends and so on, and so on......
  6. So like many other...i've been on this break...and am now trying to get back up on my feet, and ofcourse, most of my friends dissolved over time in my friends list.  I have been able to make -some- friends but no where close to what i had. It seems that making friends is getting more difficult over the years in SL. especially if you're on the europe side of the world.

    So now i'm getting curious if this is going to work out. I am looking for friends. my activities in SL consists mostly out of photography or decorating, working on my own avatar, exploring really cool places and hanging at different clubs or listen to live music or dj's.

    I'd really like to have someone next to me to share the experience and chat the afternoon or evening away. i'm friendly, open, and up for pretty much anything!


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  7. Hi Allegra,

    I'm dealing with the same issues, well..i did have friends, but since i took a break, they've magically dissappeared, i just keep working on my house and visit clubs and hang a bit. Until now i've made - some - friends, but i'm always happy to have more!  btw, i'm doing photography, landscaping, and decorating in-world. you can IM me when you feel like it! (same goes for others that deal with the "friends" issue!:))

    Find me inworld under the name of Niko7513 (a.k.a. Warren Finch)


  8. Hey! My name Niko7513, But go under the name "Warren Finch".

    Since i returned to the land of SL, i have been busy with decorating and photography aswell as exploring several sims and clubs.

    Partying and making friends is what i like best, but since i left a year ago,  i have to build up a complete SL life again aswell as making the most of my avatar.

    As for music in SL, i love to go to live concerts, and pretty much listen to any style of music. Usually i'm everywhere and nowhere to be found around SL.


    As for RL:

    in RL I'm an engineer in Identity Management and cyber security. stressfull job, but i enjoy it as it brings a lot of responsibilities with it.

    I enjoy a lot of movies, music, hanging out with my RL friends, and enjoy fitness, or a long walk along the beach (i live at the beach).



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