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  1. Do you use caspervend(holovend) for in-world demo area, I'm really thinking of putting up in-world store already, but not sure what's the best for customers to browse them inworld without spending tons of time looking for them like a lost pen in the woods.
  2. Yes! I found furniture and decoration easier to make, especially because they don't need that much time and effort to make, and easy for the customer to work with. -- Wow thanks! this is really awesome of you to do! And I think a discord channel would be really cool to have for the community who uses templates to share tips and tricks texturing them, or hire texturer. I actually spend a lot of time Unfolding & Puzzling up the UV because I also see myself texturing them up in the future(if requested). Maybe in the future, but I don't know, I feel l
  3. I will definitely search for these, Thank you so much! I was actually pretty skeptical with FP business model, but I just had to dive in, and test the water, and to have at least a stepping stone to start and be productive.
  4. This is really cool Idea, I will definitely find a way to make demo via Marketplace for now, until I can actually get my own piece of land to showcase them, thank you so much!
  5. Hi guys, I just got back here in SL after few years and decided to try to sell Simple & Random stuffs, I'm just wondering if there's an easier or faster way to get attention from other creators who actually use and work with full permission mesh and is there even an existing event for this kind of business model? I already tried marketplace listing enhancement, but it seems like not working well for me, I'm really hoping to know or get some tips and tricks for this startup business here in second life, and avoid further bad investments in advertising services, Thanks!
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