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  1. Welcome to XLUV SensationX, This is the group and island of love and if you wanted be naughty have some fun also he he, we run a beautiful island surrounded by oceans of plenty. please feel free to come along, all are welcome here humans and furrys alike, no clothes required be as kinky as you want, but please respect each other and their partners from us at Love Sensation enjoy the island This is a fairly new island, im still currently building as we speak, there are waterfalls, cliffs, guest tree house area, a bay and a river, sky domes and a few homes on the main island to rent all good price's. more additions coming, a small coffee shop, another river, still need to put in trees and different types of plants also possibly a fishing lake and mustn't forget a club So please feel free to come along and be part of the island as it grows, bring your friends or lovers and just have a really good time if you want to chill and be afk that is also welcome too. from the King and queen of XLUV SensationsX look forward to your visit. Please IM Slick (Slickspacey) for possible rentals
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