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  1. Ok, so apparently LL knows and is working on it. Region restarts happening tonight. I hope it gets fixed
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this, hopefully someone can help. I am having a major problem creating picks. I have 3 now, but can't make more. I don't know why, but every time I create one, it just disappears when I click save. I use firestorm normally, but have tried with the LL viewer and both have the same results. NO new picks created. Is there currently a bug in the system keeping this from being created? If I click picks on my profile, and click new, it brings up my land photo. I click save, and it disappears. If I try to edit the 3 picks I currently have either by changing words or photo, the edits don't stick. I cleared all caches, and relogged, but no change. Can someone please help?
  3. never done that, in fact I rarely need a sandbox these days, but thanks for the idea.
  4. lol ty. I already plan on finding a different sandbox
  5. This is strange because I certainly did NOT accept anything, or click anything to allow and did not sit. I never allow from sources I do not know like that because I know it spells trouble. All I did was drop the patch layer, and zoom in on it to adjust its placement. when I zoomed out, I got that surprise. I did the stop animations and teleported home to stop any further attacks or problems, but realized it was okay once I teleported home. This is why I thought I would ask in the forums. Does not make much sense to me how it happened. I will definitely be checking the firestorm things you listed, and thank you. Much appreciated.
  6. I have a question, last night I was in a sandbox trying to adjust a patch I had applied to my jacket. When I zoomed back out, I got quite a surprise. Someone had stretched both of my arms out really long, and one leg. then they made my avatar start flopping around on the ground like a fish. I did not know it was possible to take control of someone elses avatar let alone do this kind of crap to it. What were they using on me and how to stop it from happening again in the future? Any help would be appreciated. Luckily for me, when I teleported home, my avatar was fine. I went back to see if I could figure out who had done it, and the sandbox was empty.
  7. they can't be half as bad as the ones in Louisiana going to New Orleans lol
  8. All very good answers, Thank you all for your thoughts and replies. I stated earlier that I really have not gotten out of first gear, was just trying to learn it, but it definitely sounds like a LL sim crossing problem rather than necessarily mine. So, I will look into staying on one sim made for riding. Thank you for your replies, much appreciated!
  9. Thank you for that, I ended up using the firestorm ao for dance animations, but have not messed with it further. will check into it though. I usually keep my vista ao off except when walking or standing still. I have been on here for 2 years but am still learning as I go.
  10. Okay, first I want to thank you all for your replies. I am having a very difficult time finding my attached scripts to see if there is a problem there. I am using the firestorm viewer, and tried the ll viewer as well. I used the instructions in this link, ( ) but could not come up with a list. Can someone point me to a current instruction for finding the scripts? I have tried under Avatar Health and this is the only list I could find which doesnt seem like much.
  11. I will check scripts, but I do ride slow. Have not gotten out of first gear lol
  12. Hey everyone, I did a search and couldn't find the answers I was looking for so started a new post. I bought a motorcycle, and have been trying it out. Tried route 10, 9, and 7. On all 3, I keep getting thrown into the air, or going down into the ground. I do end up back on the road and can continue (unless I fly over someones house and they eject me forcing me to rez my bike back in) but this is extremely annoying. I have been invited to join some friends to ride, but can't figure out what I am doing wrong, or what may be the hangup. I would love to go riding with them but need some experience riding on SL first, but can't seem to do so if I keep having these issues. Can someone tell me whats happening? also, do you have any ideas of places to ride where I can rez my bike in and ride for longer distances to get used to it without these issues? Any help is appreciated.
  13. thank you. Much appreciated. It would help if the MP had a date listed for when items were added for sale, may give some small idea as to the age of things like these animations. Again, Thank you for the help.
  14. sounds fun.......... maybe not lol. I had read about many dance animations being pretty old, and understand what you mean. you have given me a starting point if nothing else plus some needed knowledge. Thank you.
  15. I understand. I hadn't realized the huds were also known as a chimera. I will continue my search on the MP then. Thank you again.
  16. thank you for the reply, I don't know the phrase chimera but will research into it. do you have any suggestion as to a good dance animation maker or brand to check out?
  17. I realize this may be the wrong forum, but thought I would ask in here because this sounds like the place for animation knowledge. Can anyone recommend a good male ao for general and dances? Single and or couple? I currently have vista gerard and it has 5 built in singles dances. Honestly I don't like them at all. My wife has a vista erika and her anims are fantastic, but I really feel like I got shafted. I am using firestorm viewer and am purchasing anims and loading them through the viewer ao because my gerard ao absolutely refuses to take any new ones. (I contacted the creator and he seemed stumped as to why it would not accept new anims) All around I am generally unhappy with my ao. Also If I need to stay with my firestorm ao for dances any suggestions on animation makers that sell all around good ones? (I'm not looking for ballroom dances but good male club dances because I don't like most club single dance balls) I guess one reason I am kind of unhappy with my ao is that many of the stands while made well, simply look like my avvie is riddled with nervous ticks. Instead of looking calm or at ease he acts fidgety. Its NOT a case of the animations timing is too close and they change too often, its just my opinion on my ao, but if I saw someone acting in RL how my avvie does in SL I would tend to shy away from that person. For example Brushing your shoe off all the time does not come off to me as a "cool" or "smooth" action. It screams "I have a nervous condition!" Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Note: I have tried the gerard ao on both of my bodies Adam and Gianni. The animations still act the same between them no matter what viewer I use. For anyone that may ask why I didn't demo it and try it out first, I did in store. I was happy with the walks, and stands for the most part, and the arm positions, but was not interested in the dance anims until more recently.
  18. hmmmmmmmm I have not had to block anyone yet. She had just started, so didn't know how to either. I guess that will be the route to go.
  19. I appreciate you taking a look. I have been there off and on and haven't seen him yet. I am pretty sure whoever it was will return though. Is ok, I will end up with a name at some point. Thank you again.
  20. Thank you for the reply Garnet, I know she did not accept any invites, or anything like that so I didn't understand it either. I am sure all are not bad as with anything else, but this was just way too much.
  21. I normally would not necro an older thread, but in this case........ My wife just joined SL yesterday. I can fully understand why the anti bloodlines or anti vampire signs would be posted. She started off being perved on by some idiot on learning island within her first 2 minutes telling her all about his pills and condoms or lack thereof. Then, she hadn't been on social island more than 5 minutes before some vampire came up and started absolutely harassing the hell out of her. I went over to her laptop and saw what was going on, and I couldn't understand what was going on. The vampire avatar had this glowy zappy stuff going on all around him and he absolutely would not stop or leave her alone. He chased her for another 5 or so minutes before he finally gave up. She had been very skeptical of joining as she is not a gamer and hates game fights, and this came really close to ending her sl life before it began. I myself was harassed on social island by vampires when I first joined, but nowhere near as badly as she was yesterday! I told her before she joined, to watch out because the ones I had come into contact with were a**holes, and she found out how right I was in the first 15 minutes. If I could have gotten this guys name yesterday, I would have reported him. This kind of behavior is enough to run people off if they are just starting and have no idea of what to expect. I will be making social island a regular hangout spot for a bit, and reporting any I see harassing people as she was done.
  22. No need for replies, finally got it sorted. Something happened and removed my head shape. I found it, clicked wear, and the alpha fixed the rest. Thanks for reading anyway.
  23. Hey all, I am a mesh moron. Just getting that out of the way first. Please make any explanations or help very easy to understand lol. Ok, So, I was creating a new avatar, had my av in edit shape mode. My internet dropped me. When I logged back in, absolutely EVERYTHING has gone wonky. My body shows a lot of gray and acts like the worn alpha masks are only half working. This goes away after a minute or so, but one thing has not gone away. As shown in the picture, I seem to have a white and gray hair that has shown up out of nowhere. I have gone into my catwa hud, cleared both upper and lower layers. I even tried the blend slider there in upper and lower but it has no effect. I removed the head, everything I can think of, and the weird hair mess is still there. I have removed and reapplied the alphas too but it's still there. I go into my worn items list, remove the brown hair, and the white one is still there, but it is NOT listed in the worn items list at all. It looks to me like half hidden system hair that has sprouted for some reason. I have taken a look at my scripts list, nothing there about hair. I am at a loss and extremely frustrated. Can someone please help me? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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