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  1. I may have just been dumb and made a mistake in understanding how it works. The way I thought how it worked was the system bought the lindens and applied them to the order. I have only done that way twice and was normally below the minimum size for the order so I've never really looked into it.
  2. Yes, that is correct. The amount that should have been left was $157L because the cassette player was $100L
  3. Hello, my name is Zedd and recently I bought a cheap cassette player for my avatar and while that was fine and dandy it charged me $1.03 for the remaining balance and said the rest would be added as Lindens because at the current rate $1.03 is $251L. However when the transaction was complete I did not receive the rest of my Lindens, I even checked my bank statement and $1.03 had been taken out. I was wondering if there's any way I could get the rest of my Lindens and that would be okay or if there was something else I may need to do. Thanks!
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