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  1. For some time now I have been looking to upgrade my "stock" avatar but I'm afraid of making a mess of it. I've read a number of FAQs and reviews but the entire process is still marked with confusion and uncertainty. I am looking for a complete avatar system that is capable of wearing the majority of outfits, shows, and fetish wear...that is fully functional in all activities and destinations within SL, including dating, interpersonal interactions, chatting, working, dancing, sports & recreational activities, and sex. I like the EVEmesh avatar in general but haven't decided upon a head (kinda of important probably). I would greatly appreciate some advice, guidance and would welcome someone who might enjoy taking me through the actual process. Thanks, Krystaline
  2. Thank you so very much, for the link and also giving me a more realistic idea of cos!. Thankfully, I padded my account just to be on the safe side - a lesson learned from RL shopping! PS - Love your nick!
  3. I am looking to create my 1st custom avatar but even after several days of web searching and reading articles, I am finding the process intimidating. I haven't found a clear comparison of the different body forms or of brands/manufacturers, the same goes hands/feet/heads. And I am struggling with having a clear sense of the proper order to follow in the customization process. If I purchase a body, does this include breasts and ***** since they are definitely body parts? Sadly, my lack of understanding extends to the following as well: The avatar height aspect, The physics/animations, The ability or lack of ability to customize various parts, The foot system (high/mid/flat and rigged vs non-rigged,) And the HUDs and Makeup. I would be ever so grateful for recent guides, walk-throughs and advice articles that would help educate me on these various aspects. I would also be quite amendable to someone acting as my guide through this process, I do not expect anyone to hold my hand through this but I would appreciate the company and advice of someone adept at avatar customization. I have Linden $s to spend, would prefer to keep the entire process under $3000, and if I could do it for less than $2500 while creating a quality avatar I would be even happier. Thank you so very much for your time in reading and replying to this post, I look forward to your advice and suggestions.
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