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  1. So, I'm having this issue where my profile picture is being replaced on DJ boards and on staff board as the wrong picture. Its using a picture all of a sudden from like 2009. I've had the current picture for like 3 years. This just started happening. So when it asks for my profile picture from the server on SLs side Is giving it a very old one all of a sudden. Anyone have any Ideas?
  2. HELP it wond let me log in it sits there on LOGGING IN..........
  3. Hello, I'm really new to LSL admittedly but, I was wondering if you can auto refresh attachments when you enter a region because my hair has a 25% chance of not showing up on my head, I need to refresh attachments in the firestorm viewer. I do understand that its a feature on there and unsure if it is on the 2.0 viewer. Anyway I can write a script to auto refresh attachments on entering a region anyone know?
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