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  1. AHA so client tunnel endpoint mobility means simply I can have two tunnel entries my end , ie ADSL and 4G and a single exit the other end with simplistically a 'Y' join somewhere along the pipe. My Mac has an option to funnel all traffic over VPN , ie Ethernet and WiFi but I'm pretty sure that means over same ISP just the two actual outputs on the computer. Not sure how it will react if I plug the Ethernet into the 4G and connect to ADSL with the wifi, possibly worth a try
  2. pretty sure as the VPN simply gives the appearance of a fixed ip address , at least as long as the session remains stable and doesn't jump servers , SL just sees the ip address at the end of the tunnel. Yes its in Amsterdam,Moscow,Wherethefukistan or at least appears to be so but as far as I see SL doesn't care where or what the ipv4 address is so long as it doesn't change mid session. If it does bye bye crash out. I think the CGNat with an ipv4 address shared between a mass of users either creates some port pathing issues or SL is reading something weirdly. Probably the oddest thing was that
  3. well so far the only thing that works is the free VPN.. works just fine with the 4G , no issues with TP rezzes way faster.. now need to feed both internet sources into the unifi USG router and see how SL copes with the splitting the feed via that.. yeah Ardy I'm getting that it is the ip address change that buggers the connection to SL.. theoretically once I have the USG set up my actual PC will have a fixed IP for a given session allocated from the USG.. but it then shares the connection over the 4G as well as the ADSL. and I have no control over what data it sends whichever way.. soooo altho
  4. Yeah I got the DMZ bit.. I can restrict or not anything with the unifi but at the moment I have zero ports blocked or filtered and actually practically no firewall either.. I've set-up a quick free VPN to test, working fine on both MAC and PC with only the ADSL plugged in so I have two things to test with it. First just plug-in 4G Ethernet cable and see if I can teleport with the 4G over VPN. if that works I need to re-enable the dual WAn on the unifi, plug both in and see how the VPN deals with dual connections. I picked one that allows split tunneling so in theory it ought to work but as per
  5. Ok I'll try the developer console and run a teleport see what it reports when it fails.. My actual system is all unifi with their security gateway as the router and multiple AP's both wired and wireless to cover my property. the USG has the useful feature in that the second LAN port can be re-configured to a WAN port so you can have two internet sources either shared or one as breakdown backup to the first. The big BUT sadly is so far their software doesn't allow directing particular ports or traffic to a specific choice of connection , or I'd just find what port the TP used and shunt that to
  6. right but i can switch from adsl to 4G by simply unplugging either cable or deactivating one or other ethernet connection and Teleport works 100% with the adsl line which has a fixed ip , but the 4G simply won't teleport. The ip address reported by the 4G seems to be a CGNat address rather than a straight ipv4 address, anyone know if Sl has issues over CGNat?
  7. nobody got a clue? cause this is absolutely down to the 4G or at least a setting on the router. Teleports work 100% over adsl line zero% over 4G
  8. Ok been running Sl forever on an 11meg ADSL connection.. other than its crap slow to load at 11meg it runs with zero issues.. bought a huawei B818 4g router and I'm getting 100-125 meg, fabulous. so I log into Sl with massively improved render times. But teleport won't work.. I can log in to last location anywhere, or any of my favorites, but once there I can't TP anywhere else, just hangs.. once in a while I have managed to TP to my partners mainland linden home , but that's the only address I can find that works and that rarely. The ping is about 26ms on ADSL and about 36ms over the 4G route
  9. lol looking for new landlord but the SL link there goes to a gay cruising spot now.. might be time to update
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