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  1. Hello Community, so finally I found a small oceanfront parcel. It was a paradise! But my neighbor gave up his land and someone built a SL international airport on it. -___- I know I can't really complain about it. Since the new owner bought abandoned land, which is good for LL. I just wanted to share my "p00p! there it goes."-story. Best, Desi
  2. Thanks, but the map never worked properly!
  3. Hey everyone, why doesn't load the map properly? (See image) It is annoying! Luv, Desi
  4. Thank you very much for your answer. But the root prim is assigned to the ACS Vehicle Script System. =/ Here are the scripts I'm using: // Remote Script integer s; integer channel_control = 4000; key owner; shoutit() { if(s) { llShout(channel_control, "LAMPOFF"); s=!s; }else{ s=!s; llShout(channel_control, "LAMPON"); } } default { state_entry() { owner = llGetOwner(); } touch_start(integer num_detected) { if(llDetectedKey(0) == owner) { shoutit(); }
  5. Hello community, I recently built a holiday light with 5 lights on a rope for my boat. (See image). I'm pretty new into scripting, but I made those light shine by using a remote script. The sunshade is the switch. But this is not the way I want it. I want to make all lights shine when I click on any of those five lights. Obviously putting the remote script and the light script into every single lamp does not work. I tried it already. How can I solve this? Best, Dayvana
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