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  1. CoV Legacy is a free form rp fantasy sim with no lengthy application process and a staff that is there to help you along the way. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Century Paradise/115/114/2002
  2. Legacy, CoV is looking for some players to step up and apply for a drow faction to come and rp with us. We seek rp'ers to add some flavor to the sim as well as challenge other darker factions and create a story for years to come! IM Tart Vyper in game if you are interested!
  3. AEsir is Now Open and to celebrate the owners and admins have spread 100's of gacha items around the sim to search for as you look around. Right click, pay 0$ and take Stop into the LZ and pick up a character application and read about our lore and the races available. Owners and Admins on site to assist with your questions. Admins needed as well.
  4. If you want more of a Mythology based fantasy Norse Sim, Aesir just opened
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