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  1. thats my rl sisters flickr i take it over now
  2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/140295662@N08/ contact me for prices
  3. hello i'm Sarah and looking for an office for a clinic. I have a clinic and need office space to set it up. if anyone can help me it would mean a lot.
  4. 150 for 150 prims is my limit
  5. i planed for them to pay at least 150
  6. i would say 100 or 50 prims since im currently expecting twins and they will be prim babies
  7. 682 I didn't have time to add photos I just finished yesterday setting up my home.
  8. Hello i'm Sarah. I have 4 bed 2 bath. I have an extra bedroom that isn't being used if anyone wants to use it. also the room is already set up so no need to rez anything. The rent is 150 for 50 or 150 prims . Here is a lm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akranes/146/138/21
  9. they wont get many staff if you force them to get instagram accounts
  10. maybe realize not everyone uses Instagram, most older people don't use it. some young people don't use it because of bad experiences. I think tis a stupid requirement in general. what does having an Instagram have to do with work experience?
  11. my friend applied and was told she has to have an instagram account to get the job
  12. add a landmark and more info
  13. my friend applied and apperently my friends hair was issue and her being german was a issue
  14. i put the application link in the post and also the lm
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