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  1. There are many TV creators in SL that are hosting copyrighted videos on their own servers. If anybody would like me to show them proof, I can provide this as I have reverse engineered several of them. I have already reported this to the MPAA but they do not reply to me. Does anybody know any further course of action that might yield results? Maybe I should just call them.
  2. Hello Julia, my YouTube television allows you to load any single video, playlist or YouTube channel. It also includes a version that is Owner-only access.
  3. Hello, I have a YouTube Television that works well and fast. Please come by the shop. See my signature.
  4.  JET SET SHOPS is a beautiful shopping square and open stage for DJ's. We have 2 monthly events and are just getting started. We are situated at the center of a sim on a lovely hill top next to a full-scale airport and art gallery. Our exclusive shopping village features 12 shops and only 2 remain available! First come, first serve! (1) Medium Shop - 2 Story building (80 prims for L$155/week) (1) Large Shop - Bigger 2 Story building with 3rd story private office (115 prims for L$300/week) Use the link to visit JET SET today: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tumblebrutus/196/49/49
  5. I would love to have a decent plot of land to build on, but I don't come to SL regularly enough to justify keeping a rental property all the time (that'd be a lot of money over the 6+ years I've been around!). If you happen to own a large plot or sim and are in need of a professional website for your Second Life or real world business, please contact me to discuss your needs and arrange for a look at your land in world. For examples of my web work see: http://markfulton.com/portfolio/ or IM me anytime with questions. Thanks so much. I look forward to being your neighbor and helping build your
  6. Using latest Viewer 2 that was updated today I believe. My other account is able to login with no problems.
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