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  1. Thank you for letting me know Whirly had replied to my original post. I had not received a notification. You have a nice day now.
  2. Hi Whirly, Thanks for your help. Yes seeing that notification. I've done both. Turned off/on router and computer, several times. Installed a new ethernet cable, uninstalled SL viewer, re-installed SL viewer; installed firestorm - which was even shorter time inworld before being booted, tried speed testing which all seems good. Packets and Ping are high in Pooley/Smith/Furball - between 17 and 26% with 1000ms constantly, jumping to 10000 at the moment it quits. My confusion is that all has been running totally smoothly for several months, no problems, no lag, fabulous experience inworld and then suddenly post maintenance ...this
  3. Did you manage to fix it? I am still having this problem, although login time now extended to 3 mins instead of 30 seconds! Perhaps that's the brand new ethernet cable?! I've followed Nalates blog post as far as possible (I'm lost once you start using tracert) but no resolution from that other than ping/packets seem to be the issue. Whilst I apprecite that computers/isp travel in nanosecond changes...it does seem odd that all these issues, for me, started right after the 18/9 maintenance.....(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam's_razor)
  4. Thank you Alwin for your thoughtful response. I have been trawling through the forum, google, and SL help, trying all the fixes suggested to no avail. Why would I share what doesn't work? Whilst I am beginning to appreciate that SL support and supposed 'advisors' couldn't care less but would rather make snarky comments than actually help I remain in hope that I might be able to fix things and return to SL. That I chose to comment showing relief that I am not the only one with this issue should not detract from the original writers issue yet serve to affirm, perhaps even to the SL developers and coders, that there might be a PROBLEM!
  5. I've had the same issue since the 18/9 maintenance, submitted a support case to no avail, submitted a forum qury no one has commented. Actually glad to find I am not the only one!
  6. I've logged on a couple of times since maintenance finished and been booted both times after about 5 mins the sim freezes and logs me out. Once from ZOHA islands and once from Inspire Park. Wassup with that?
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