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  1. okay i been playing Second Life for a year now and just recently it had started logging me in then only a few seconds later logging me out. " Darn. You have been logged out of Second life. This region may be experiencing trouble.Please check connection to the internet." Which it is not the region i have tried about 7 different areas. My connection is just fine from what I see, I play other games that put more stress on my computer and they are still working. I even tried redownloading SL viewer and Firestorm viewer and i still get the same thing... HELP i need this fixed before tuesday for a bloodlines event
  2. SapphiricAcid

    Log In Issues

    Each time i go to log in i get logged right back out saying i am having issues or the region is having issues. I have checked different regions, and still the same thing. It can not be my internet either, i tried other games that strain my computer more then sl and it hasn't worked. its funny it was working 1 day and the next day it wasn't i would like some help please
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