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  1. She looks very much like she looks every day...that kind of happens when you are a horse
  2. Thank you Garnet. Means a lot! I hope I find a nice place soon too
  3. About Rosy the miniature horse: My RP character's name is Rosy. She's a black and white miniature horse. She's a calm horse who acts more like a clingy puppy than the "full grown" mare she is. She's calm and easily trainable. Because of her size she cannot be rode (or the avatar mod glitches out!). Because she is so compact she does not need a lot of room, at least not as much as her bigger cousins. IRL: I try to be on as much as possible. I don't have anything else to do most of the time, but due to a medical condition I'm going through sometimes I'm just very tired and cannot get online. Regardless, if I find a good fit for me I will keep my "family" up to date other ways for those days where I just cannot be online. I'm very interactive and value friendships.
  4. Hi. Let me make this short. On Friday or Saturday (I'm waiting for one of the apartments I want to become available) I will be ready for a decorator to come in and make my new home feel, well home. I figured hiring would be a lot cheaper than buying all the individual pieces I want. I'm looking for a very cute, pink (but not little girl) theme - kawaii if you will - a very anime inspired space. If you have stuff in your inventory that might fit this and are savvy with decorating please let me know and maybe we can strike up a deal for Friday/Saturday. Thank you!
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