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  1. lol I thought the samething. A shame really good work on the animations. I don't think he can get them fixed properly without losing something to the animations is unaware of how to resolve it. Ah ok, I'm going to relay this to the creator anyway who knows maybe they will give this a try. Thanks again Optimo!
  2. Hi Resi, Thanks for reply! I talked to the creator of the bed, unfortunately the problem is how he created the animations. He used Avastar 1 instead of 2 and it causes joint offset avatars to have weird deformations mostly to the legs. He said he tried to fix it but was unable to do so as it created other problems degrading the quality of the original poses. He had to leave it as it was. =/
  3. Thanks Optimo, So what would be the best solution for a problem like this? Is it better to build an avatar around the second life rig and try not to use joint-offsets? Do you know of any way I could use a joint-offset avatar but prevent the animations joint position data?
  4. Hello, I'm currently testing a mesh body on beta grid. Some of the bed's I use cause strange deformations to my legs. It elongates them making his legs look like stretch Armstrong lol. I don't know why either. I have to take off the body and rewear it to fix it. I have joint offsets on all my body parts. How-ever I remember awhile ago I only used joint offsets on a cube, rigged it 100% weight to pelvis bone and only applied joint offsets to the cube. Then uploaded all my other parts with skin weights only and it fixed it. I might try this again to see if it still works but I'm not sure wh
  5. Hello, I'm having a problem with bento custom joints avatar. I can't seem to upload a custom joint avatar that works anymore. If I move or rotate the bones even a little bit to adjust to an A Pose to fit my mesh avatar the rig breaks. Once I upload the arms are all jumbled towards the middle of the avatar. Only thing that works so far for me is if I upload a mesh rigged to the default bento skeleton without moving any of the joints. Anyone else having this problem? If not could you describe how you rigged and moved the bones on bento Skeleton? I'm using Maya 2016 to rig.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to test out a mesh I made with bento rig. I created an A pose with the Bento rig by lowering the arms about 45 degrees. I also translated the joints a bit to fit my character. However when I go to upload it the arms are all torn apart. The translates I made on the legs are fine it's just the upper body keeps getting mangled/jumbled up. I've checked skin weights and custom joints but it's not working. This is where I got the bento file from. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Project_Bento_Testing#Models I also tried to freeze the rotations thinking that was the problem bu
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