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  1. hey im looking for some one to make a Female Lord Beerus Skin applier for Maitraya mesh body and a Female Beerus head i have attached a reference for what the Head would look like and a second photo for Skin Reference.
  2. Hello i am looking for someone to Create a Albedo Dress for me from Overlord anime. i am looking for it to be fully detailed to every part that includes the chest webbing and neck and the outfit must be on Avatar 2.0 "Normal Chest size" Contact me via Second life IM or threw this Post. Thank you <3
  3. YukioFox

    Albedo Outfit

    Armour is currently being made so only need the First picture's outfit
  4. YukioFox

    Albedo Outfit

    I am looking for a Albedo Outfit as well as her Armour and weapon From the Anime Overlord and i cant seem to find one. if some one could make one for me and give me a price in L$ i would love to have it. Picture attached to post would love to have every last detail on it :3. also if possible could it be made for avatar 2.0 if not then TMP or Matreya. contact me via inworld or to this Forum post if willing to make it. search Yukiofox
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