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  1. I didn't know there was wording criteria.......excuse me. The freedom in SL is awesome!!!
  2. Yes and he still IMs me like he didn't.........whateva!!!!!!!!
  3. If we could create alts in RL, I'd do that too......said the introvert.
  4. I use my alt when I just wanna be alone and explore places. Unfortunately, my alt became blocked somehow and I keep putting in tickets to get help but she's still locked up. *sighs*
  5. Some kind of cross between an urban condos and a beach houses in a neighborhood, different details, more modern-ish......maybe.
  6. Thank you for your thoughtful words of support! Kinda lost hope since it's all kinda confusing sometimes........reminds me of RL.......the haves and the have nots. *sighs* #nottheendoftheworld 😉
  7. Would have liked a new Linen House or House Boat but congrats to those that were able to participate. #frustrated
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