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  1. So far other than the catwa head and an older skin I can't seem to get really fine angular but small features to finally complete my avatar. I thought I had it with a newer lelutka head but the one head that might have worked had a stronger limitation on mouth width thus too wide for my tastes. I probably bought every demo of every head and skin I could find. They all have the big thick eyebrows and if you get izzie's brows which look good in the pics they aren't quite the detail of some of the other brows. I wish I could find a skin that had some thing nicely angled Taylor Swift brows (
  2. I would like it if they'd make a new head based on the genus strong 2 head, since it has somewhat normal looking features and put a totally straight nose on it and call it Strong 4: A New Hope. Most people I talk to still using other brand heads are waiting on that straight, NOT wide nose, no dip, no half pipe curves or fatty tips or too prominent nostrils. I'd also like to see the end of the baby structured chin on non baby heads.
  3. I was talking mostly about the classic head's odd nose tip which looks like something is growing out of the tip. The baby head's nose is okay, it is the cheeks on that specific head which are chipmunk like. The cheek sliders could have more range than they do and should and still could if they updated it. I don't see why they can't add that flexibility to that head, it's the one of the 3 that is easiest to embrace.
  4. The noses on Genus are probably the ugliest I've seen in any character customization toolset not just in SL but in modern gaming in general besides maybe Division 2. I have never seen anyone with the Classic nose in RL mainly because the tip looks really unusual and very uncommon to see. It's almost like looking at a caricature of a person instead of a real person; and the same goes for baby and strong and shots I've seen of "Strange" which probably will be out at the Skin fair. The slider range is terrible on all 3 heads as well. Some sliders do very little to near nothing at all within a 50
  5. Genus Classic: Genus Baby: Genus Strong: Also Genus with Specular and Bump on: Catwa:
  6. stupid sad unskilled basement dwellers doing this again
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