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  1. Hi, It’s question about upcoming animated mesh aka Animesh. From what I hear whatever you want to be attached to Animesh object will need to be linked to this object before a whole (Animesh part including) linkset thing is rezzed inworld. I wanted to create an Animesh animal/pet. I wanted it to have possibility to attach rigged or non-rigged accessories to it (just like you attach things to avatar - not Wear, I know Wear is function reserved only for avatars). Turns out it won’t be possible. Do I understand it well and if so, does anyone know about a workaround?
  2. Hi, I’m trying to make a simple pet-attachment in Blender animated with Bento skeleton. I created (test): mesh model with weights and animation. Now, it works in Blender only. I found a suggestion that it should be done with Avatar. I bought, activated Avatar. Seems that It enabled animation uploading in SL what was a part of problem (without it I had 'Failed to upload animation(...)' notices). But I still don’t have a working animated pet. What I have now after upload to SL (created/exported from Blender with Avatar Adddon active) are: my animatio
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