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  1. So recently I've been on the prowl for a specific style of men's pants. Now, the idea here is that these pants are pulled down or sagged down to the knees, exposing the entire crotch/rear area. I have poured over marketplace and scoured my friends list asking around and this doesn't seem to exist. Yet I've seen one person wearing such a set of pants, I simply can't get ahold of him. I've found one pair of jogger pants on the marketplace that matches what I'm looking for, unfortunately I'm looking for a more baggy, grungy jean style of pant for this idea. If anybody has any ideas or could even commission create a pair of pants to match what I need, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks for the help~
  2. Thank you Marianne This is generally what I had perceived.
  3. I am posting this looking for help with this issue. I have recently filed a report on a known minor engaging in sex acts and other adult activities, including visiting adult sims and falsifying their age. I am unsure after reading through the TOS what the exact policy on a minor (under the age of 18) using the Service actually is. So I'd like some clarification on what minors are and aren't allowed to do, and cited sources if possible so I may re-read portions of the TOS. Thanks for the help guys!
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