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  1. I'm actually wanting to know about things I create within SL like if I make a vehicle or house using SL. Also if I create a unique avatar by combining other avatars.
  2. Hello What I'm wondering is can I use art I create, characters, buildings, vehicles etc in SL as graphics for sale? If I use a screen grab of stuff I made in SL to put on say, a coffee cup to sell does SL have some kind of copyright even though I created the art and characters myself? Any characters I create would be made form original SL characters combined into a unique character.
  3. This place has recolorable latex I don't think any is ripped etc though. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Manaslu/173/215/277
  4. Just a while ago I started hearing weird noises on my "sounds" slider knocks, laser sounds, yells etc I can't hear music anywhere I go now either. I deleted my SL viewer and downloaded a new one, the noises stopped but I still can't hear music. I then downloaded firestorm but music is still off.
  5. I've been having trouble as well, never saw any "skill gaming region" stuff popping up before in SL but now I have problems going to places. No way is anyone getting my name, phone number address any personal info.
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