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  1. Hi all. I am having trouble figuring out on the HUD the purpose of and how to use the mask functions, the layering function and also the slots. Is there a youtube or an instruction manual/video as to how this works? Thanks.
  2. Thanks to all for your help. I realize that absent an alpha for the head, the head is stand alone for the mesh body other than it takes on the features of the shape and the skin. As you mentioned it is tricky to try to match the skin tone of the mesh body and ands and feet with that of the head, plus thee is that neck thing. I have the problem of the shape and the skin when viewed at the store being different than when put on the classic avatar. I am efforting it, and somehow I will get it done. But at the end of the day, maybe I should just bite the bullet sooner and get a catwa head. I am doing it this way in part to better understand how this whole thing works, because there is still that clothes thing...Not to mention all that other stuff like accessories, eyes, jewelry etc etc etc. Thanks again!!!
  3. So which of those influence the look of the face. As I understand it, when dealing with a mesh body (assuming no Bento head), you use you classic avatar over which you ear a shape, then a skin, then you add the mesh alpha and then the mesh body, hands and feet. Then you modify the shape. Then use the appliers. However, is it the shape or the skin that provides the initial features for the face. My thought is that it would be the skin, which also provides the skin tone. But is that correct? Thnaks
  4. Well, there we have it. At least it wasn't that I had done wrong...other than just not investigated sufficiently. Thanks for your help.
  5. I already wrote the Seller as I indicated, and received no response. It has been 5 days. More importantly, You continue to have as opinion as to what is appropriate to ask and where to place the question. Fine. I disagree.
  6. I bought this item; however it came with a Sahara head. I wrote them and received no response. At the same time I asked them how I might lighten the body color. The individual who talked me into it thought that I could modify, but it appears I cannot. Is that right?
  7. Not certain this inquiry belongs n this commentary. However, I have a Maiterya (sp?) body (Lara). Her feet are always structured as if in heels, even if barefoot. Is that normal? How do I fix that? Thanks!
  8. Actually, I thought I had. In any event, none of those replies addressed what is a continuous occurrence. Even if I minimize for less than 30 seconds, the animation I describe kicks in. Someone suggested that it may be an AO. But there are none shown. And to Whirly, the sit when away is not enabled. Thanks all. Hopefully there is something I can do, because it is quite annoying.
  9. Hi, I asked this in an earlier message, but I never received an answer. Whenever I minimize the sim screen, my avatar invariably begins to run in place or to sit. Does anyone have any idea as to what I should do to fix this issue? Thanks for your help
  10. Rhonda, I am running in place. i assume that they can, but I am not certain since no one has commented. I have noticed a relatively few avatars doing the same at times. I use Firestorm. And yes, I meant the viewer. I apologize to Alwin for not being technically correct. Fortunately, given Phil's response, I think most understood my what I meant.
  11. Often when I first log in, and almost always when I bring the sim up after having minimized it for a few minutes, my Avatar is shown running not standing or sitting as it was when I minimized it. Any suggestions or help to correct this? Thanks!
  12. Now that makes sense to me. Not that the other replies didn't and I appreciate them, especially the last two by Alwin and Chase respectively. I also agree that I really don't know how use an AO in real sense nor do I really know what I am doing at all. It does seem that others comment a lot about an AO, and it is expected to have one. I am just trying to experience the experience...and I get it, there is no experience unless you get out there. Believe it or not, I am trying to do that. Thanks to all!
  13. Apparently you missed my point....I don't want to have to spend hours upon hours trying to sort through things that don't work, that are essentially useless, that have no utility when compared to others out there or that have been replaced for other reasons or that have been combined with former or existing products so that I do not have to worry about compatibility between or among AO's. I also want something that functions well with both classic avatars and mesh avatars so that I do not have to be concerned (spend extra) if/when I switch nor do I want to go through the process again. I value the opinions of others and anticipate that they would explain why their preference. That is not to say that I would make any purchase without determining anything for myself...but if I have some help in cutting through all the BS, chaff and less than forthcoming marketing tactics of stores/developers, I want that information, and I am confident that I am not the only one who feels the same way. Thanks!
  14. I wasn't going to respond to your response because you obviously have been around quite a while and I haven't. So for a while, I felt I may have asked a dumb or inappropriate question. However, I thought about it more after going to various stores marketing AO's. I demonstrated some. However there are simply so many choices and offers, some many new and so many older, no one could possibly review them all. Some of those for sale seem to be the same or slightly nuanced My intention was to gather thoughts/insight/critiques from those women or even men who have been here a while who have had the opportunity to use and observe various AO's. I realize that it is my taste and my budget that will prevail, but having that (regardless of cost) will allow me to better focus on the best of those. I have found that the seller is not necessarily forthcoming with what has been replaced or inadvertently or perhaps intentionally has made a description that does go into these things and have things up for sale that they have replaced or re-designed etc. . I currently have a classic avatar body/shape and may go to mesh at sometime, so I am looking for something that works with both. I understand that these will continue to change and develop over time. I simply hope to avoid the worry about spending time and money on things that have no value or that have been updated, replaced for any number of reasons or simply not well received etc. as of now. If that is being to demanding or out of line to you, then I apologize; however I think there are others who have the same questions or concerns. We are all trying to make things better to enhance our experience. Let us try!
  15. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. Do I gather that you think there are issues with the SalinaA fashions? also, forgive my being obtuse, but what do you mean by "customizability" and "moddable", and it seems in that regard that you essentially equate Salina A and Beliza given the HUD, what do you mean by that? Finally, technical glitches to me would seem to be a significant concern. Am I wrong? Thanks for your insights above, and in response to this.
  16. a sim and I get a message that script is too high or something similar and that I must reduce within a time frame or get booted. And how do I fix that and stay there. It seems to happen in several places especially music sims or beach sims. Is it me? I keep getting bounded or teleported somewhere
  17. Trying to better explain my question since there were no replies. I have gone to marketplace as suggested by someone in the Sim. However, I discovered a myriad of types of animations, but also several "sets" that seem to combine what I assume most people might be looking for. These range in price but in the end I am looking for a quality AO system (for lack of a better term) that can be used with a classic or mesh body (if I go in that direction) that combines most everything a female would want to be included for her in order to enjoy the sim and the experiences it can offer. Some of the combinations appear to be the same, but the description seems to reflect updated etc. I am lost. Looking for suggestions as to what to buy, including recommended dealers etc. Please help. Thanks
  18. Thanks. For those who asked, I am an average wife/mom reasonably attractive, broad shouldered tall (5 9/10, fit, weight appropriate (bit of a tummy and could be firmer) with good legs and the sag that I had mentioned c cup. I know too much info. I have been "playing around" with editing my appearance (shape) using the avatar I selected, which was the classic "Elizabeth" since it has the initial appearance of being a female in early 30's like I am. However I am trying to edit the appearance like mine to be closer to my actual size and shape and possessing some of the "flaws" that I mentioned earlier. I am not perfect, don't want to be and don't want my avatar to appear to be for the reasons I mentioned. The various "skins" I have seen I think are meant to put over the shape, but they seem almost too fine, too perfect and do not seem reasonable unless one is a model or beauty queen....too thin to in the face. I did have the impression that these mesh bodies fit over the appearance that I created and allowed me to further refine the shape to be more real and thus more acceptable to me. From your description, it appears that is not true and that I would need to start over. is that the case?
  19. Looking to acquire best AO for EVERYTHING female. I have seen many combinations but wondering if anyone had any insights.
  20. Thanks to all. I have done some reading. The question involves what shape should I start with. For example, I have read that tonic or ebody are very good. But most think Maderia (sp) is the way to go. Look, My RL body is pretty decent (I think). But pregnancies, nursing, gravity have taken something of a toll on my boobs (not massive) and my tummy. Gravity has also played with my ass. Still, I am who I am and I want to experience SL as I am. Please do not be condescending or think I am not willing to put in some work. I also understand there is some cost. I am not coming into this blindly.I am merely asking for help and insight. I do not want to spend a lot of time only to change who and what I am and how I appear in the sim.
  21. I am very new...I am female and I am trying to find the best body/shape for me. The goal is to be able to conform the shape that gets closest to me in RL. Any suggestions?
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