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  1. I've played IMVU before and from my experience having a good time on that game is all about running into interesting people to talk to. While on Second Life interesting people is a huge bonus as well, I can still easily entertain myself on Second Life for hours at a time all by my lonesome just by visiting different sims.
  2. I either drink orange juice, sprite, or water. These are my main drinks anyway. As far as what do I eat the answer is nothing. I hate mess and getting my keyboard/mouse sticky so I just take a break from the computer in general when I get hungry.
  3. New account but I played SL extensively back in late 2015 until about mid 2016, so my opinion might count for something. I did get griefed some, namely on - you guessed it, sandboxes! But for the most part in didn't phase me. Second Life really is a lot like life. You'll meet a lot of crappy people and a lot of great people. The difference is that on SL anyone can hide behind a computer screen so the amount of griefers/idiots/drama queens seems to be slightly larger. If you aren't having fun then you won't feel any better by making yourself play. SL should be a fun recreation, not a
  4. Does your community accept newbs? Truth be told I was a member of the Second Life community roughly a year and a half ago, but real life got in the way. I've just recently created this new account and as soon as I am done tweaking my avi to something that really suits me, I was going to look for an active and family friendly roleplay neighborhood. I know that (for good reason) many communities all over the grid are cautious over newly created accounts, so instead of causing problems by showing up randomly, I thought I would ask if there are any hard rules Tribeca Falls has against new members?
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