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  1. Oh my lord you are my savior, thank you so much!!!! <3333
  2. The one I posted was the original one, not the low one. Ill try to redo it with what you said, right now I have to leave and Ill update if everything works out ^^
  3. http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=50588 Heres the file Heres the object in edit mode
  4. The weird part Im confused about is the mesh wasnt that high to begin with, so I tried lowering it to see if it would help, no dice. I also just now tried to upload it with the modifiers applied, including applying them manually and ticking the box, still cant upload x_x Would logs be useful in this by chance?
  5. Just something simple I was trying to put together, started with a default box. And yes to both I believe. (Isnt it naturally mesh in the first place ? Unless Im being dumb again.) And unwrapping I assume means unwrapping the UV map? Sorry if Im being dumb about this, as Ive only used Blender for about a week now. Previously I was able to upload a mesh tag I made, though it was rather simple. I also just tried to upload a sphere with 24k verts for kicks and giggles and same thing happened, cant upload it. I feel like I might be mixing up something.
  6. Okay, I lowkey want to die but Im writing this out. Im a beginner at blender and I have zero idea what Im doing wrong as Ive tried lowering the vert count to literally 629, Ive tried uploading on a different viewer, resizing it, completely remaking it a few times when i thought it was too high quality, etc etc and Im stumped. This is what I get when I try to upload this -- v I feel like im being a dumby, what exactly am I doing wrong on why I cant upload this for the life of me?
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