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  1. Have you always wanted to farm at a beautiful place with a nice family friendly community, a large kitchen, well designed market, NO lag, and activities such as Bingo, Scavenger hunts, and Fishing contests going on? Then Nightloch farms is for YOU. Here at the beautiful coastal themed Nightloch farms we offer market rentals as well as spacious farm plots. Traffic is growing daily as we are active and are continuously working to offer more things to draw people in! We offer bingo games, weekly fishing contests, random prize giver, and large community kitchen! Our market stalls are a
  2. Yes it's posted as an unscheduled maintence on your home page.. I had the same problem
  3. Hello Thank you for reading this post :) I am currently seeking a (non nude) modeling position, I have slink physique body and a CATWA head. I am available to work in sl any day from (second life time) 5pm-2am. Please send me a message if you are interested. Thank you so much for your time. skittlez88 ŤФƦVƛ (skittlez88 Resident)
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