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  1. Is there a maintenance going on because I keep getting this when I try to log in. I didnt see one scheduled today. https://gyazo.com/443ff5cf917eeebe20c7fdd773378446
  2. I agree i wish they would tell us the cause.. As for how long it could stretch out till tomorrow.
  3. Im a TD looking to be a model anyone know any good modeling places for TD?
  4. oh damn >:U of course even virtual worlds have maintanances dang it I was rpgng at school to now i gotta get notes from someone else =_=
  5. So its like taking forever to log onto my avatar its happening with my friend too... when it tries to load it d/cs after 10 mins
  6. I dont know what happened ...I tried to get on today but it seems someone was either using my account or something is wrong with sl
  7. This time can some one give me a legit answer and not troll me =_=
  8. Im using firestorm viewer and im having issues with the ctrl alt f1 to hide the ui. Ctrl shift u didnt work
  9. what do you mean when you say right click desktop i have pc
  10. I have windows 8 and when i press the ctrl alt f1 a pop up occurs bringing me to second life help
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