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  1. So reverse it then? I think i can group lock the script.
  2. Correct yes, its a hud for an rp sim so everyone will have one, I dont have the premium account for experiences so i was trying to see if i could script something similar or close to that effect.
  3. I did that in the hud script, how do i get my listening script to read that?
  4. Im tryign to get it to where people who are wearing the hud and bump into certain objects get teleported. I am trying to make it easier on telelporting since bumping without grabbing permissions does not work.
  5. OK, so I am trying to create hud that premtively grabs perms then sends out those perms when colliding with something. I created step level testing for each phase, so far it works up until it needs to read the permissions. In the testing it says no perms detected even though perms were given. Excuse my language I just find it funny when the object talks back Hud Script: list buttons = ["-", "Btn1", "Btn2", "Btn3"]; string dialogInfo = "\nPlease make a choice."; key teleportee; key ToucherID; integer dialogChannel; integer listenHandle; default { // reset script when t
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