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  1. This beautiful little island is for sale! The area is clean and offers terrific views. The items on the island can remain if you want, or you can return them. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lamprey/207/55/47
  2. Thank you. If I could like this post a thousand more times and have in pinned, I would.
  3. That's completely fair, and a good enough suggestion I've made changes accordingly. Thanks
  4. Which is sad, because there are consequences based on that "subjective standard." If there weren't, I really wouldn't care. There is no doubt they have the final word, I never suggested they did not. Having that final word, however, does not mean they are right. I never made the assertion that anyone should be forced to do anything. Also, fascism is a form of radical nationalist authoritarianism and has absolutely nothing to do with my observations on the nature of perception in a virtual environment. Nor did I suggest an authority (Linden Labs) should force anyone to do anythi
  5. Height isn't the issue in my case, and when I was referring to proportions, I was not referring to endowment. My reference to proportions is related to anatomical measurements. There is objective truth with regards to size ratios of head to body, arm length, torso length and the like. These proportions change as a person ages. A baby's head, for example, takes up around a quarter of their body length. In general it would be accurate to say there is some variation, certainly - but it is not hugely significant. Can you imagine how distorted an adult would look if their head was one-quarter of th
  6. This is all part of a larger issue that I have no idea how to handle. It is extremely easy to spot someone using a child or toddler avatar, but the line blurs quite a bit when it comes to perceptions about an avatar that simply looks young. As I've pointed out to people, an 18-year-old, for example, can still be in high school depending on when their birthday is. I still go to college now and many of the freshmen look so young I might consider them to still be in middle school. In the case of my avatar, I attempted to go a different route, focusing instead on things that were objectively
  7. I personally cannot stand high heels. My character pretty much exclusively wears sneakers and boots. Mostly sneakers.
  8. I'd like to find an alternative to Teqi's Lounge that also has a significant paywall. My apologies for the necro - I failed to notice the date of the last post.
  9. This is usually not a problem for me with some of the mesh socks I have. Some are not as well designed as others and do require alpha, but there are a few that are perfectly made. It's just frustrating to see, again and again, events where designers create these beautiful mesh stockings, with lace and frills and bows and garter belts and amazing craftsmanship - for high feet only.
  10. Well, I suspect the main reason there aren't any yet is that they wouldn't sell as well as the high foot versions. One designer told me as much - and also that she'd found it a huge pain to make them fit one foot configuration and had no interest in going back and doing it for flat feet. I totally get that. So, I'm not actually expecting anything to come out of this, but it was my last avenue of begging, lol
  11. Yeah, I've been scouring events and the marketplace for well over a year and it seems to be something most designers have no interest in doing. I'd even be willing to pay for a commission.
  12. Could, yes, but they aren't nearly as good or high quality as mesh ones.
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