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  1. Hey all that posted. I finally found the "famous faces" store: Implode. They now have Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and 3 versions of Angelina Jolie and others. From what I saw they generally are fitted for EVO-X heads, mostly the Avalon models. For the males - you'd better try a demo first. Thanks again, James
  2. Got it - and thanks - too bad the creator has not (so far) adapted to new technologies. - J
  3. Same here Wanda - I remember they were well made...
  4. Hi all, Do you know of an avatar head-skin store that sells faces of famous people - I was there once and saw depictions of Jennifer Lopez and others - usually actors or singers. Unfortunately, I can't remember the store name and I can't find an LM. Thanks for any help! James
  5. Hi Everyone - I'm sure this has been asked but I can't find the answer - can you tell me the correct size in pixels - height and width - for Profile Pics (1st and 2nd Life boxes) that won't require adjustment by any viewers (aspect ration will be correct) ? Much thanks!
  6. Just a quick thank you, Skell Dagger - you nailed it...I often find SL avatar parts are usually very well made - some brilliant - but unfortunately with minimal documentation. Example: Since I joined SL - about 3 years + ago - I have always thought the Notecards should be appearance enhanced - they often contain vital information for customers - including links to videos (which should be active, not cut and paste) - along with font choice and any enhancements which have been on computers since the 1990's...thanks again Skell Dagger....! James
  7. Rolig - on YouTube - at least one of the "Intro to BoM" Second Life videos covered this known problem - I remember there was an easy fix - if only I could remember what it is - haha - possibly something to do with the tattoo layer - if I find it I'll post it ... James
  8. Thank you all for your comments to my question - the avatar I am building is fairly elaborate and not "inhabited" inworld - she is a prop for a graphic novel test - the more I can do "on the set" (in SL, a lot like actual RL studio shoots) - the less time I have to make doing graphical error corrections or design add-ons externally. - James
  9. Hi Everyone, I know I saw this answered somewhere, but I can't find the solution now: I built an avatar that is Catwa (head) on a Maitreya Lara (regular size) body - all set to BoM - the skin for both the head and body is L'etre - matching tones - all seems to work fine except for the avatar's toes - which look like they are merged together in a sock - I don't believe I had any layers on in the Maitreya HUD (like tattoo) when I built her - can you advise me how to correct this problem? Thanks in advance! - James
  10. I need a few more attachments - I can work around it - but why 38? Where did that number come from? Arbitrary?
  11. Has anyone reached about 38 avatar attachments to where the ADD is dimmed and no further attachments - body parts, HUs, clothing, jewelry, etc - can be attached unless you remove something already attached? Thanks!
  12. Hi - I'm asking this for a friend that has acquired a problem with her new Legacy Female body - somehow the fingers are deformed. We've tried "undeform Avatar" - and even had the body redelivered - even the new hands, when attached to her av, will see the fingers deformed - do you know what causes this. (it was normal at first - it's possible we exposed the av to some animation or code that was in a chair or some "experience") - and any advice on how to restore the hands to normal would be greatly appreciated... thanks!
  13. Great Tazzie - I will look into each - much appreciated! - J
  14. Hi All, This is an opinion question. Can you give me the names, in your experience, of some of the best hair providers, for both men and women? I'm looking for great cuts, all ages, with as realistic hair as possible (for photos). Thanks! James
  15. Hi All, I'm on a Mac and I was forced to unfriend someone but I'd like to read the transcripts of what was said - I know they are stored in the MacOS Library under Application Support - but is there any way I can locate that last conversation easily (without having to open each file)? Thanks for any advice! James
  16. Hi All, I have to create a new appearance to my primary avatar. I'd like to know your opinions on which face meets these criteria: 1) Male - about age 28 -36 2) Attractive enough for photo modeling - I know this is subjective - that's what I'd like - your opinion (name and company) 3) High Definition skin (often called HD or V3) that can handle close-up photography 4) Catwa Daniel Head structure on a Signature Gianni (latest versions of both) - minimal neck seams as possible as good head-body color Tone match 5) Mid-range tan (I can buy the Fatpacks) 6) Advice on best Hair (I'm dirty-blond in RL - I'd like some resemblance if possible) - company names you think produce the highest quality hair That's about it - any advice - greatly appreciated - building this avatar is exhausting ... haha Thanks! James
  17. Hi all, I have been striving to create a photo-realistic head and body skin for my avatar(s). I met a woman in-world that had achieved a non-sold, personalized, self-made skin - that is extremely close to natural human skin. She told me she used multiple purchased vendor skins and morphed them together - adding her own detailing - using Photoshop. She then took the resultant skin back into her in-computer library files and then used this new morphed skin to apply to her avatar. The results are truly amazing. My question is - how is this done? (I was disconnected from SL before I could ask her). She told me briefly that the skin files are located locally (as well as on SL) - in a special folder. From that folder she was able to copy, morph, and replace the original purchased skins. Have any of you tried anything remotely similar to this? I'm currently on a Mac and I have no idea how to approach this technique for my male avatars - any suggestions will be greatly appreciated (and credited if you wish)... Much Thanks - James
  18. I remember the previous sim avatar list would disappear after a minute or two - mine now stays on permanently unless I relog. Technically, LL must have some code that "scans" sims for av data and some of that must make it into that dialog box we have. If they changed the code for the scans - well - I'll try putting in a ticket - but I first wanted to make sure it wasn't my viewer... Thanks! James
  19. Hello, I noticed a new problem I did not have before with Firestorm Viewer: if I land on a sim and activate "Word/Nearby Avatars" the "People" dialog window opens and I can see whomever is on the sim by name. However - if I go to another sim - with new Avatar names on the new sim in that same window - I am also seeing the previous names intermixed. Is there any way to clear out the previously visited sim's Avatar name list - as the new sim's name list loads? Much Thanks for any tips, James cerebrogasm
  20. Cerebrogasm


    Thanks Rolig - BTW - do you have an opinion on my question that you can message me? This is getting really confusing for me - an expensive - I'm now talking to gay guys for their opinions on SL - I'm at cerebrogasm resident if you have time - greatly appreciated! - James
  21. Cerebrogasm


    Got it Rolig - "*" replaced Can't you ask Linden to add this function? It's so easy to program...
  22. Hi All, I'm building a new version of my avatar to be used in a video (not porn - haha - a drama) - he plays a love-interest in a scene from an actual HBO series. I'm attempting to find a very attractive male face + body where I can add a third party skin. I've used Catwa's Daniel (Bento) head for the base head - primarily due to the extensive collection of gestures (facial animations) Catwa offers. For the body, so far I am still using a Signature "Gianni." I have used various skins from companies like Birth, Nivaro, and Labyrinth. Hair is typically Stealthic, Argrace, Exile, etc. - highest resolution hair I can find for close-ups. I match the skin for the head with skin from the same vendor for the body. Eyes are typically Ikon's. I'd like your opinion - if you have seen an attractive male avatar - age appearance for this av should be about 26 - 34 that also has Bento technology - (his foe in the story is in his late 40's) as photo-realistic as possible skin - (for the closeups) - and who makes that skin? These are opinion requests - I know there is no "right" or "wrong" answer. Also - if you have an opinion on the avatar's underlying structure - outside of what I described - great! Much thanks!
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    Got it Rolig - I'll post it there - sorry about that! - James - ok moved - I'll delete this here - maybe you can remove this here - I can't find the delete....
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