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  1. I have a standard dolphin mesh i'd like rigged for in world use as an avatar, but I myself can't really grasp weighting a mesh. No slider bones are necessary, neither are facial bones other than the jaw and, optionally the eyes. $100 USD via Paypal upon completion and 50% of all sales profit will be split, I care more about getting this done than actually earning anything from it. I'm an animator myself, so i'd be able to animate the avatar's AO but my main obstacle is weighting the mesh to the SL skeleton. Please contact me in-world or via Discord at Motoko#0509 to discuss, i'm
  2. I'm looking for a bento mesh head based on a character of mine, whose only details are as seen in images such as this and this Only features that actually matter: Rigged to work with default jaw bone, jaw is not required to move when talking. Hide/show up to seven eyes (symmetrical in sets of two, so either right+left, or the central eye.) Note: Character has a proboscis, not a visible tongue. This isn't necessary so don't worry about it. Skull shape is canine (wolf skull, to be specific) inside of nasal passages and mouth, as well as the flesh around the
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