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  1. Hi. I've tried all of these and none of them is working. I think its firestorm, not the actual kemono body. I had a few helpful people in SL try to help me with it but they told me the same thing you did with no luck. Do you (or anything else reading this) know how to fix the firestorm issue? I downloaded the old SL viewer and the feet and everyone elses feet are fine. It seems to be firestorm related.
  2. I've tried almost everything. I can't find much info on this problem..the weird thing its not just me with the deformed feet. other kemono avatars i see got this deformed look too. is it something wrong with my viewer?
  3. Recently I bought a walker for my avatar. I accidently double clicked it on recived files and it disapeared. The weird thing was that the sound won't go away when I walk. And it only happens in this sandbox that I go too, elsewhere the sound does not play. I'm going to try to contact the sandbox owner with this issue but I honestly tried everything to get rid of it. And its still there. Its not even showing up as an item on my wearing item lists, its just invisble. I attempted to trace the object/sound and I can't find it anywhere on the sim. :(
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