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  1. Well that is the last time they announced it. But I don't think they announce it any more. If you find the most recent statement from Patch Linden you will see their intended plan for making the new houses available. The temporary rental sounds like a good option. In fact I got a rental so nice that I am now questioning whether I need to be a Premium Member next time it is due. The only reason would be the community and residents, IF Belliseria ever grows enough to house me before next year. I am not really feeling the benefit at the moment.
  2. What a very nice post! Made my heart warm. And it did indeed encourage me, hoping there will be people like you in my neighborhood when I get one. Now that would be fantastic!
  3. !!! SOLD!!! 3072 m OCEAN VIEW - PROTECTED LAND ON WATER SIDE!!! ⛱️ The parcel is mostly water and backs up to Linden Mainland. The views over the linden protected ocean always have a perfect sunset. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You can sail out from your own beach just a little, maybe more if you have a knack for navigating Linden Waters. I placed a house there just so people could get their "bearings for size" while considering the purchase. Also there is a crude beach add on, I am sure you can construct better. Either way, my prims can stay or go, new owners choice! This size parcels holds 1054 pr
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