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  1. Banana(s)! 😄 A little less bananas:
  2. Lemon Yellow (more catch-up soon 🙂)
  3. More snaps of my Tortuga interior. (with previously posted on top)
  4. Catching Up - BLACK Black seemed so easy to me, so I thought of famous characters in black outfits and Sandy, Greased Lightning style came to mind. I probably spent WAY too much time putting this all together, but this is what I came up with. Couldn't find the perfect off-shoulder top, so I went with the leather jacket instead. 🙂 I'm also wearing 2 different hairs (flexi over mesh and got rid of some pieces of the 127 prim flexi - and moved several of the others around - you don't want to see how awful the back looks! 🤣).
  5. Catching up Week 1 - Patriarch Added color overlay to this Persephone Gown from Sn@tch. Wishing you well, Ivey! 💗
  6. I will catch up AND keep going. Thank you for the challenge!
  7. Hey everyone. I just found this thread, so sorry for chiming in late. Decided to give this one a whirl since it's not in my usual color choices. 😄 Looking forward to joining in more of these!
  8. I'm still working on my Tortuga, but this area is the most complete so far.
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