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  1. Thanks for ur reply Matty! That's what LL told me too, I did all the tests and called the carrier, everything is ok. I was able to log in with the internet slower and still could play quietly! I can even change the clothes of the avatar, walk in some regions, but when I open the inventory soon I'm logged out! Last week I couldn't log in at all! Then they said it was something in my inventory, and then it was resolved! I was able to log in for 4 days after this problem! In the last 3 days I am now logged out!
  2. I'm having the same issue, but I've never had problems with the internet getting into second life before! LL support told me to restart my modem, router and everything connected to the internet, and my computer, and yet the problem continues!
  3. Hello...Before I could not login, now I can log in but I have not been online for more than 5 minutes !! This message keeps appearing, my avatar does not move, I can change region and even loads very fast, but my avatar does not walk! Support is helping me out, but I know there are a lot of people with the same problem, so I know it takes a while to answer everyone ... if anyone can give any tips, I would be grateful !! 3 days now with this issue!
  4. After 1 week having trouble to logging in, I finally managed to log in normally .... until this morning u.u Now I log in, and my avatar is stopped, does not walk, does not fly, does nothing ... I can even change region, but after a few minutes I am logged out! I saw some people on facebook saying they can't log in either, in different countries! I'm in Brazil! https://gyazo.com/34952808856b3d0bf4747e9ba92ffbe3
  5. About one week now with this issue Already did clean install, tried to log in the official viewer, Black Dragon, tried another computer and so far could not log in the second life, always the same message!I tried another account (unofficial) and logged in normally! I've already opened a ticket on LL and Firestorm support, and I'm still waiting for answers! Any tips?
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