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  1. No, I do understand what you said. But you misunderstood what I said. And there is no sense beating a dead horse. No matter how the LL viewer is set up, a third party viewer can go around that Wulfie said. I had already read the threads on the possible upcoming name change feature. If I chose a new name from the $25 approved list, that is who I would become, not who someone else decides I should be for their own "user experience" And I am not prepared to spend $500 for an official name change, so I will be who I am now.
  2. That makes no sense. If I chose to spend $500 I could request a name change. If accepted, LL would then change it in the system so my UUID would be represented by the new name. You would no longer ever see my old name, only my new name, no matter if you wished to know who I *was* previously. Same as a legal name change IRL. So the option is there, just not for $25, or for free by hiding the username in chat.
  3. Ok, thank you. That basically answers my original question I guess then, it would be up to the viewer dev, as to whether they would set that UUID over-ride as default or not. Assuming LL even would go that route to have the displayed chat, showing the display name only. Just too bad, it wont be realistically workable, to allow a user generated name, instead of a limited selection. Bummer, but oh well.
  4. As far as the dopey fonts and upside down letters. From what I was reading, that would not be allowed to be used in names anyway. And as far as people changing their names weekly. You know, if they are actually a friend, I recognize them anyway. I have spent months before with names restricted and had no trouble. I knew who my friends were and I would introduce myself to people I did not recognize, just as i would IRL or apologize for forgetting the name of someone I had met, but could not remember their name. I am not talking about dopes or griefers abusing a feature. Those people are going to abuse others or whatever is available no matter what. Lets say, I decided to use the name change service when it becomes available. Pay my money and choose Brianna Keaton. You would not see Brianna Keaton - latex Alcott when I speak, you would only see Brianna Keaton. And lets get real, there are people who spend hundreds of IRL dollars each month here, they would not hesitate to spend $25 for a weekly or monthly name change either. I think people are losing sight of the topic of this thread. The whole topic if this discussion, is a complete name change from the LL end. LL had made it clear, that there will only be a selection of surnames available. Not whatever the user might prefer. I get the complexity and reasoning for not allowing a free for all with the surname. So I am not suggesting that. My suggestion, if it is do-able, is a simple option over the limited name choice we will have, so allow the ability to have a display name of our choosing, and simply have the system "hide" the username in chat and only show the display name, if the user so desires that. It would still show in profiles, for the marketplace and so on. Just have the chat only showing our display name.
  5. Why would it be confusing? For example, my name is latex Alcott, and i became part of the Dillon family and changed my name to latex Dillon. Right now, (if they do not change their viewer preferences) in chat it would show latex Dillon - latex Alcott. To me that is more confusing that just seeing Ace Dillon in the chat. No different than a legal name change IRL. do I care what others see. Hmmm, yes and no.... No, in that it doesnt really affect my time in SL, but yes, in that, in SL I am who I am, including my name, which to me, reflects who I am. Since LL doesnt wish to open free choice for the surname selection with this new feature (which I understand is a pay for use feature) I think it would be nice, if at least, visually, we would be who we choose to be, that is all.
  6. I am curious about this whole topic. As I do use a display name of my choosing. But the coming name change feature, will be limited to selected surnames. I can understand the reasoning as to why as far as the scripting of the system and such. As do I understand why a cost would be involved. As an alternative, is it possible to kind of "push" the display names from a user side arrangement? Like, if a person only wished their display name to show in chat, only that would show? I dont know if this makes sense or not. As it is now, default preferences in a person's viewer, is to show usernames as well as display names. So if a person has not changed that in their preferences to hide usernames, they will see both. So rather than need others to change their viewer, is it possible, for chat to only show the display name?
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