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  1. From what I have observed the most important thing is just to be fitted with the correct set of scripted genitals. Realistic RP skills are very much a secondary priority that you can probably learn as you progress.
  2. Sangton wrote: THERE IS A GRIEFER ON SECOND LIFE TRYING TO TAKE MY WIFE FROM ME BUTTERING HER UP WITH CREEPY SLEAZY SMARM AN COMMENTS WE ARE HAPPILY MARRIED 2 YEARS NOW, THIS CREEP JERK HAS COME OUT OF NOWHERE TO WRECK IT ALL HOW CAN I REPORT THIS SCUMBAG, GET HIM REMOVED FROM SECOND LIFE AND IP BANNED FOREVER If your "wife" is even partially normal and does not care for displays of wealth or attention, you will be fine. Otherwise you probably should kick it to the curb before he/she trades up.
  3. What you want is a dividing wall with a door in it. Next to that door you place a roleplay bouncer to match the roleplay clinic with its roleplay professionals with roleplayed qualifications servicing roleplay patients. (I will guess that your fees to exploit these broken people are not roleplayed though)
  4. If you are renting a house at a time when interest rates drop, do you expect a rent discount because the landlord is now getting a better mortgage deal? Honestly the sense of entitlement here is amazing.
  5. You're right to be shocked, but there is no point discussing it here where LL don't read and most of the remaining mutants have some similar weird kink they need SL for, so not much support there. I would suggest exposing these types through video and audio captured from a screen recording utility and posted in a public location like youtube. Don't break the SL rules, don't try too hard so the pedos can cry entrapment, and don't break the youtube rules. Once you have a small collection you can begin getting the word out to media, bloggers, law enforcement. Anyone with an interest in exposing this sort of scum. This has all been done before in SL with varying degrees of success, but not consistently so they keep popping up again when things cool off. It's like pedo wack-a-mole.
  6. Alwin Alcott wrote: KonishiPolis wrote: Why am I not surprised to find that someone who spells at a third grade level is also attracted to roleplay. Why am i not surprised some people think english is the only language around... but some at least try to participate on these forums and take the efford to get their thoughts written down in a language that isnt their own... It's cute that you chalk illiteracy up to a possible ESL issue. Are you new to SL?
  7. See this is what happens when people get lost in their own web of alts. Fly Mothman wrote: I forget her name. She invited me to this Virtual Worlds forum and wrote this article about this venue I created with pictures and such. I don't think the forum exists anymore. Got something I want to ask her. I skyped with her once. Berlin Mesmeriser wrote: nevermind I found her
  8. You know Sara is a guy, right?
  9. Christin73 wrote: The other day I desided to take action and show the owners of a sim that I am not the only one having trouble with a certain RP group that is on that sim. To do that I sent out a patitian to people on sim wich got a few "signatures". The owner of that sim is taking the RP groups side and claiming that sending out a patitian is against LLs TOS. I understand I don't have to be on sim and that owners can practicly do as they choose. However, my question is, is patitians against LLs TOS? Why am I not surprised to find that someone who spells at a third grade level is also attracted to roleplay.
  10. ziicutie wrote: Are there any kind of services or assistance for people with social problems or phycological that can follow you around on second life and baby sit you to help keep me out of trouble? I thought second life WAS a service for people with social or psychological problems?
  11. I get the same. It's all abandoned or dead clubs, or if you find one with people present it's often weird guys in fur suits who send you pics of their diseased weiner.
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