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  1. There are lots of creators, elite and otherwise that clearly copyright infringe, but it seems usually it's only the small stores that don't make a lot of Marketplace Commissions that get popped for it because the elite even if flagged just keep right on selling them with no punishment at all. It's actually really sad.
  2. You keep saying things like this "as this is a regular practice in RL". You do realize though, that this is not real life, this is Second Life and in Second Life the ones that make the rules, for better or worse, is Linden Labs. There isn't even a valid comparsion between RL & SL because they are completely different. If you don't like said rules, arguing here does no good at all, you have to take it directly to them and fight with them. I wish you luck with that though, because it's a rare thing for them to change the TOS.
  3. I've been curious how it is that LL chooses which creators and stores to endorse and advertise for, is it by how much money they make in SL I wonder? I thought they didn't do that but, they clearly have started to. I think it would be nice if they gave everyone an honest chance to be endorsed and advertised by them. There are so many wonderful creators but it seems there are only a specific few they endorse and one in particular pops up a lot lately on the feed.
  4. "The customer has absolutely no obligation to the merchant. Why do some merchants feel otherwise? That is a rhetorical question. There is no defensible reason a merchant should order a customer to contact them prior to leaving a review, let alone break TOS and harass them for leaving a review." Actually just like in RL if you purchase something and it doesn't work properly or you can't figure out how to work it the appropriate, adult way to handle the situation is to contact the company and ask for assistance so they have a chance to help and provide you with exactly what you want or need
  5. I've been in SL for over 9 years and it's not just men that often want to talk in voice to make sure someone is who and what they say they are, it goes both ways. I don't agree with the pushing for voice simply because of sex, that irritates me to no end. However, I had a relationship with someone that said they were a male, they gave this long elaborate back story about having had a car accident and their trachea being crushed as to why they couldn't speak in voice and I never doubted them. But, the day came when they were tired of pretending to be a man (their words, not mine) and they en
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