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  1. I only worked in Family RP sims that where modern themed. I think back to many years ago to a very successful sim i was in. I had just got my foot in the door being a RP police chief. The owner sat me down and she explained to me the "image" she wanted for the force. She wanted it to look roughly like new york but with our own twist. She wanted the atmosphere to be that of a small town sheriff who people can talk too and openly work with. I was not told how to execute this just the overall idea and image, I myself executed the construction of this department and to this day i will say it was o
  2. My name is Scott, I live in the united states. I have been here for nearly a decade and mostly have spent that time in RP law enforcement. As of the last 2 or so years more and more long time friends have left. Many of the sims i used to hang around in to meet new people are gone. I just like to hang out and chat about anything really. Im very easy going and just like to hang out. Im not into the club scene but i feel like more and more that is all thats left. I live on the Atoll and love to explore by driving around mainlands. With most of my old sims gone im very homesick. I feel like i
  3. My name is Scott Sheridan, for a good chunk of my life I was in the United States Military and worked as what you would consider a combat medic. I would be glad to hear you out and if there is anything I can do to improve your situation I will do my best. Based on you asking for someone who is dominate understand that I was in the military and commanded people for quite a long time so if you need some direct responses that is not a problem. Find me in world at daedaelus xorbun (Scott Sheridan). If you get my "away" message send me a notecard.
  4. Sheridan Emergency Medical Services is a private medical services company that provides ambulances and medical care to the people at a low cost and low rate (RPly). Sheridan EMS is not a replacement for local fire departments but is an asset that provides additional assistance to emergency services. As a private company we hire and train our own staff in over 60 various emergency situations and pre-requested information to provide the best medical care. All of our drivers are in house certified with Emergency Vehicle Operations and our ambulances are visibally marked and illuminated. Our Ambul
  5. My name is Scott Murphy, for the last few years I have been in the law enforcement RP side of SL. I have a more gumshoe style cop theme and I really enjoy this job. I have had some bad luck with relationships, as a cop i tend to find those in need and they end up using me sometimes even taking it to RL. Im naturally prone to helping people and being honest and loyal. Im old school, im tradational, what you see is what you get. Im looking for a partner that will be willing to be with me in a detectives wife sort of way. I want her to be understanding and be able to talk to her. I want a partner
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