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  1. That sounds good! I would love to look at some places @Talligurl I'm open to the idea @KanzulR @Sylviaangel Faintree Wanna hang out sometime? Haha
  2. Hello! I've just recently started playing second life again, and it seems like my old group of friends have moved on by now. So I'm looking for a fresh start with roommates who are willing to become best friends and split the bill for a place to call home! Ps. This isn't a roleplay situation, Im just genuinely looking for friends to hang with ahahha. Please feel free to msg me in game @JaslynMaia! or here works too <3
  3. Ahh yes, I understand how to whitelist, but I simply don't understand how to get my script to initiate another script that someone else wrote? Or would simply dropping a whitelist script into the object, enable the object to block the person from accessing Script B unless authorized?
  4. Okay so, like everyone else, I've had a fair share of griefers; as did my friend, who recently had to deal with one today, hence prompting me to ask this question. Question one! I'd personally consider the worst form of home griefing to be refusing to go and acting like they own the place. Although methods like security ejecting and banning is possible, I'd like to simply prevent them from even being able to access furniture menus for sits. So here's my question, is there anyway I can connect scripts, like tell the object to run through script A ( the script that I've written, and d
  5. Okay, so I found this script on the LSL wiki page, meant to teleport anyone that clicks on the object with the script in it and teleports them to the landmark included in the item inventory. The script works well for me, but I can't quite grasp why it doesn't work for other people? Like my fiancé for example, it would teleport me, but if he were to click on the item, I'd get an error saying that Teleport LSL functions can only teleport the owner of the object. I don't quite understand why it does that, when the scripting doesn't seem to specify that its owner only? key teleportee;
  6. Okay, putting down my own two cents after months of trying to find a lumiya replica and testing sl apps for IOS. First things first, I would recommend against SL notifier UNLESS you own property in world. Rentals dont count. Aside from having to purchase the app on the appstore, they request that you spend another 500L on a signal beacon in world at their shop. I cant quite think of the proper word to call it, so lets call it a signal beacon for now. Basically the problem here is that the app is useless unless you buy that beacon and rezz it inworld on property that you own. The most it d
  7. Hai Hai! Fellow Asian in disguise here! 😅 GMT +7 I'm still fairly new to Second Life, but it seems everyone's more into their little groups? Breaking the ice seems a bit difficult when it comes to new people, for me at least, no one really bothers to try to initiate a conversation these days. But that could just be me (>~<)
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