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  1. HI! I'm Lacey! I RP at Northcrest Highschool I'm a freshman 13 years old I love hanging out, exploring, SHOPPING! gatchas, greedy, watching movies I have parents and a little sis and lots of cool friends Would love to hang out some time! drop me a NC in world may name is Lacey Pooley
  2. Not sure if we'd be on at the same time or not but I will take this chance to reach out to a fellow tween! There's so few now, everyone is either a toddler or a teenager IM me or Add me or drop me NC anytime I'd love to talk and possibly hangout! a little about me: My name's Lacey. I'm 11 years old. I have a mom and i'll be a big sister soon. I hang out at home alot, wiating for school to start, i play lots of greedy! I looooove to RP and shop. Any other tweens out there?
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