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  1. Yes, checked my hardware and used it as test on Skype. Worked properly. Also on another recorder, same result. So, the hardware is not the problem. Can't myself explain why but once I head to my guy's home, openin the audio device sttings over there, got those things which aallow u to check the voice level, I click on ok then it's back. Whatever if I tp or what. Now, the problem is that once I relog baack, the issue seems bein back. Don't ask me why, I myself try to understand what the heck is going actually... I can handle on most of issues with my pc but at that point where I can't find any logical reason... Can't make much more than testing different options which have worked. So the first thing is that it's NOT because of my hardware at all... Trying other options, if it can help but I'm pretty sure it won't...
  2. HetfieldGod75

    voice issues

    Hello Linden Labs collaborators, I'm using the last updated Firestorm version (beta OSx64 Using Win 7 pro version (x64) as OS. Everything was ok once update installed. Since two days, nevertheless, Got some issues to get voice useful back. I've checked my hardware, set my current headset in preferences. Nothing changes at all. I don't head up to regions where voice is not allowed. My home region is Mooter (voice not restrained). Even when I visit my guy, the problem persists. I've also checked my sound mixer which works fine, I also tested on Skype just to get sure it wasn't my headset, and it's not. Also deactivated my windows firewall to have voice enabled. Nothng changed at all, even reloggin works one time on five... So, or I'm a complete dumb or there must have a very serious problem which is not fixed with voice. I'm disappointed to know that most of my friends got it workin, and doesn't coopearte for me. What's the problem? I myself have no idea... Wishin u could do your best to fix that as fast as possible. If not, will have to leave SL for good. And it will be very unfortunate because it's not what I'm looking for... Best regards in advance, hetfieldgod75
  3. Sry to tell but to me, the most useful viewer I've ever tested (from a close friend's advise) is Firestorm... I simply couldn't get rid of it... Has many more options than SL classical viewer... My problem is that I can't use both SL AND web sites aside at the same time... But, as usual sounds like I shout in the air loud without havin any echo check in back... I'm gettin used to some things with time... Thx for the help and suggestions nevertheless... Laters peepz
  4. HetfieldGod75

    Mrs, Sir

    hetfieldgod75 resident over here, I'm currently using the latest Firestrom viewer for Second Life but gettin some issues. First of all, can't use SL Market Place anymore as Firestorm search either. I checked FS wiki first of all before reportin u this issue. This happened since yesterday mornin (SLT -9 hours). I'd like to know if it's me or if the problem comes from somewhere else... I have no idea what's happenin but I'm very disappointed about this... Even for checkin friends profile, the web version is not available anymore... I wish this issue isn't due to my viewer cuz until now, it worked properly. I sincerely want that back, as soon as possible. If it's a maintenance issue, then it's ok. If not, I'll b unfortunatley forced to leave SL, includin my family aside. Wishin u could fix that as soon as possible. Best regards, hetfieldgod75 resident
  5. Hello LL team, Tried to log on SL back, even by changin of viewer. Maybe the grid is in maintenance or somethin like that? I downloaded the current SL viewer (and Firestorm too), but the same message in back. "Issues with network connection or SL grid". I know u make ur best to fix properly those issues. Still enjoy bein among all of u. Thx and cheers to all of u, hetfieldgod75
  6. Hello LL team, Tried to log on SL back, even by changin of viewer. Maybe the grid is in maintenance or somethin like that? I downloaded the current SL viewer (and Firestorm too), but the same message in back. "Issues with network connection or SL grid". I know u make ur best to fix properly those issues. Still enjoy bein among all of u. Thx and cheers to all of u, hetfieldgod75
  7. Heya Troy, Get the same issue than u bro. I left a reply to technical support. I get a message from a group which I'm in. I wish from all my heart this won't last for long. Friendly, Het
  8. Hi guys, Here's my problem. I logged on at about 5:30 (gmt). Until about couple of minutes ago, I was able to move (nevertheless some tps were capricious). Then, had a crash. Now, tried to log on back and not possible anymore. I guess I'm not the only one who has that issue. I know u're busy solvin that by the best u can. I wish it could b done as fast as possible. Still enjoying SL experience, I'll stay a satisified SL resident, and wish that u guys will have found a solution to that frustratin problem to most of sL residents actually. Best regards, Het Fielding 75
  9. Hey guys, don't worry... Even here in Europe, not able to log on back... Wtf... And the best thing is that I was with my SL mate. She'll be mad at me when I'll get back on... Anyway, let's cross our fingers that problem could be solved as fast as possible Het
  10. Heya Harper, Goot to read ur request. Also singe heart to take or not? From my side, yes. I had my lot of issues on SL too and I think at a moment, enough is enough. Betrayings, promises not maintained at all... U know what I mean, huh? So, if u're interested and wanna know me much better, I'll be logged on at about 6/7 pm (gmt). If u don't c me yet, u can check my profile. In that way, u could already have an idea of who I am. Lookin forward to see u on SL, cheers. Friendly, Het
  11. Heya Enjolie, how r u? I think we've already meet in a club (where I've been banned from). But, sometimes it happens. U're lookin for someone who could me YOUR Mr Right? Weird, still a heart to take on SL. Not to much shy but I'll try to know u much better before goin further (if we match properly with each other) It seems that we got some common points (music specially). So, why not tryin to make the journey together? Still interested to meet new ppl, even on SL. If u think I could make u feel happy and I could be ur Mr RIght, I'll be pleased to be by your side. Lookin forward to hear some of ur news, take care until next time we could see each other. Friendly, Het
  12. Heya Enjolie, I think we already meet at a club where I've been ejected (banned) from. U wanna meet ur mr Right, with a lot of respect? I think I could answer to ur needs. Not too much shy but still lookin for my other half too on SL. I wish that u and I could meet as soon as possible back. Wanna know a biti more about u, got some similar points (music specially) So, will end by sayin that if we can't b together on SL, it's still a pleasre meetin new ppl on. Lookin forward readin you, lotta hugs Het
  13. HetfieldGod75

    Tp issues

    Loggin issue solved.Now, I can't tp anywhere. Wherever I chose the tp, it simply doesn't work. Wish that other problem will also be solved as soon as possible. Thanks again for you understanding guys, still support you and enjoy what you've done with SL unique experience. Cheers, Het75
  14. Sorry to distrub you guys but wanna log on back and not possible yet. :matte-motes-crying: I'd like to know when the problem will be fixed properly? Tryin loggin on back until then. Thanks in advance for your understanding, see you later. Het75
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