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    can some one tell me whats up i cannot log in for some reason can any one answer me thanks
  2. well am sorry to hear thats theres nothing lindens can do for those who have been conned by land owners who rent there land off i do find it shocking that suck people like myself and others who just rent land can be brushed off to one side by lindens when we all know that lindens can change policy but only when it suiets themselfs,and for you to say you can go to your own police its not only dam right stupid cos no cops in there right mind will listencome on lindens get of the fence and do something about these cons for a start you can banned the person or persons or you can make them sign contracts protecting the people who rents from them but i do think you can only see the dollar signs in your eyes as long lindens are makeing huge ammount they dont really care about anything els
  3. well i agree with you when i lost the land i was renting the owner suppose to have sent me back all my stuff i look in lost and found folder and my club i built was not there plus the dance balls i did get back did not work, so not all iterms do not come back and now its happen to me again with esteban Dover i been in and out of hospital not knowing when il be in next time so yes silly me i paid 8 weeks up front so if i was taken in again i wont lose the place i was renting ,
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